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Economics Project

No description

Ben Bigg

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Economics Project

Virgin Atlantic Plane
We tested 4 main airlines
British Airways are the cheapest
Along with partner American
Delta and Virign are more expensive
Summer Months and December are most expensive
Flights between New York and London
We visited SuperDrug , Boots and online on Amazon .
Same prices at Superdrug and Boots
Amazon was 99p cheaper.
Very exclusive in terms of who sells it , not available in many places.
Neither superdrug or boots are willing to lower the price , because it will start a price war. (cutting into profits and detracting from other brands)
Max Factor
British Airways is the Main carrier and LHR and American is a large player at JFK , they also have a joint venture meaning that they share revenue , book passengers on reciprocal flights.
More options and more flights giving more daily flights.
Virgin and Delta have recently started a joint venture .
This will not have the scope of BA/AA and so the compition is high and so prices are quite inelastic , and high cross elasticity of demand .
However Delta and Virgin cannot compete on price alone a differentiators.
Conclusions and Reasons
Economics Project
by Ben and Maisie
iPhone 5C
Prices are quite ranging
Many different shops
from £394 to £469
Lots of competition in citys and online.
iPhone 5C
We found that the cheapest was £394 at Amazon
Most expensive was Apple Retail store and the phone carriers.
Our research was only in central Exeter and
online .
There would be different prices outside of the city , also we couldn't check all retailers websites for phones as there were to many.

Also deals on travel websites werent checked.
So for more accurate results you would increase the search area.
Flights Between New York and London
iPhone 5C
Max Factor
British Airways
appeal is its
'flag carrier' , a
brand synonymous
with the UK
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