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DEBBY project for IED 2011

No description

Frenay Charlotte

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of DEBBY project for IED 2011

Objective of the Project Strategic Decisions Debby's Project Insigths & Inspiration Analysis (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Insights Cosmopolitan Colors Mix&Match Are the cosmopolitan, color and Mix&Match worlds really inspiring for the target? The target The Platform Icon Visual Identity Points of touch 5 Senses Products Services Distribution The Target Music TV & Cinema 88% of the target don't Know Debby
From those who know it, only 22% like it The Competitors Where is Debby? Sophisticated Brand Image Young and colorful Brand Image VS -->In the Middle of Somewhere

Master of colors and makeup accessories
Magazine world
Right time, right place.
Professional advices & ideas
Try the products before purchasing them No affordable young Makeup brand...

affordable doesn't mean not to feel special or unique through a sophisticated and exclusive looking brand
Color doesn’t mean flashy and strong, but also mean natural
Very different tastes for music Finally... --> 3 Worlds of Inspiration: Cosmopolitan, Colors, Mix&Match General findings

Citizen of the world
Very outgoing
Love meeting new people/cultures
Love finding new hobbies and talents
Always on the go, energized
Passionate about new experiences in life
Hip, cool, metropolitan, smart, sophisticated Skin-tones Time of the day Seasons Trends The Sartorial Twist
To combine in a harmonious way items from different sets
Missmatch to match better
Perceived as very difficult and envied ART women would love to perform nicely Magazines Seen in... Tools... Colors Styles Prints Because our target is very smart, sophisticated, fashion conscious, and open minded,
they are inspiration for Debby... they are cosmopolitan. Makeup is all about fashion...
The “Mix&Match” trend, a MUST in fashion...
tomorrow in Debby’s makeup too in the market of affordable makeup, customers are lost and confused between the large choice of similar brands; and because the existing beauty criteria's are not only rigid and confining, but also attract young girls to put makeup without any guidance... Because ... We want... ...to address young cosmopolitan life-lover girls who constantly search for new experiences.
Everyday is a revolution, they express themselves with many different codes varying with their moods and feelings.
They want to look and feel unique in their own way with their spicy touch.
That’s where make-up and fashion come in... We will surprise them by... offering a strong color palette to Mix&Match infinitely to their will or through our professional advices and ideas adaptable to their skin tones, and depending on the time of the day, seasons and trends. We will also provide them a complete set of professional makeup accessories.
Thanks to Debby, they will be able to experiment marvelously the ART of self-expression. Values COSMOPOLITAN
CONVENIENCE The world is my canvas...
Debby, my color palette.
I am the artist of my own life. Tremendous Freedom, Infinite looks We advice Debby to position itself in a more unique and differenciated way... Debby will be the only young and affordable makeup brand offering to every cosmopolitan girl of every skin tones, a complete set of professional makeup accessories as well as the opportunity to experiment and create infinite «Mix&Match» sets of colors freely or with the professional guidance of Debby We want to provide great modularity and advices for every skin tone, for every time of the day, trend, season. DEBBY= MASTER OF COLORS AND MAKEUP ACCESSORIES
No more foundation and concealers
Packaging Strategic Decisions
Get for a very cheap price this cute Mix&Match TAKE AWAY shot of Limited Edition colors at your nearest Debby's vending machine.

Debby will always be there, right time, right place for the cosmopolitan girls in a hurry that need quickly a beautifull Mix&Match look Seduced by a Mix&Match set of colors?
Get the Mix&Match KIT for you or as a gift for your best friend.Fill in this cute structure with every products of the set created/selected and you will get a nice discount!
Advantage for Debby?
Unique in the market and gives consumers the opportunity to buy at a cheaper price a lovely personalized set of products
Mix&Match sets of colors will be created specially by Debby's professional makeup artists to be adaptable to every skin tone and depending on the time of the day, season and trends
Book written by Debby's professional makeup artists and stylists, renewed 4 times a year, evolving with the new seasons and trends. Sold and available in every points of sales BY...
Alua Kaliyeva
Anish Sharma
Apoorva Uniyal
Canol Genel
Charlotte Frenay
Evgeniya Sheludakova
Ipek Aksehirlioglu
Karolina Mosiadz
Lynnette Mendoza Favorite brands: Mac, Dior and Chanel
Departement store
Can't live without makeup, most of all mascara and eyepencil
Carry makeup around all the time
Value quality a lot
Half of the girls like to experiment with colors 15 to 19 20 to 25 Influenced by the older girls
Value customer experience, then price and colors
Carry face powder
75% of girls would trust a foundation just slightly more expensive than a nail polish; 82% would actually buy it. Trend setters, influence the younger girls
Value price and colors
Carry lip gloss/lipstick
Only 45% would trust a foundation slightly more expensive than a nail polish; only 36% would actually buy it. 15 to 19 20 to 25 -->A Mix&Match of classic and contemporary look Institutional Campaign Loyalty Program Promotional Campaign Stickers - Ambush Branded Content Ads Prints Shopping Bags Public Relations Event Debby's van TOUR Closing Party Debby's Contest THE IDEA:
Sophisticate & clean metalic structure
The entire color palette of Debby, the complete set of Makeup accessories, the Bible, Mix&Match KITS, Shopping bags
Product categories aligned vertically
Integrated tactil computer to try the product and Mix&Match sets of colors
Mirror, cottons and makeup remover THE IDEA:
White, clean, sophisticated, stricking look
In famous places, metro/train/bus stations, hotels, clubs, airports
Will be sold the best sellers + Mix&Match TAKE AWAY shots
Right place, right moment for the cosmopolitan girls who forgot their makeup or want a beautifull quick look quickly Flagship store-->Concept store
All the products
+ Make up stylists to give advices and free makeup
+ Bar
+ Free magazines to read
The refreshed targeting and positioning strategy
-->Compete on the saturated market of affordable makeup.

The new brand identity, product strategy, packaging and the added services
-->More attractive brand to our target/ distributors
-->Increase the satisfaction and loyalty rate

The increased number of points of touch and their creativity
-->Increase Brand visibility and awareness
-->buil strong, unique and favorable brand associations in the mind of consumers and distributors

The communication campaign
--> Increrase significantly brand awareness
-->Help us to engage and interact better with our consumers The power to seduce our cosmopolitan target and respond to Debby's ambitions Thank you... FINAL GOAL?
Compete on the saturated maket of affordable young makeup brands HOW?
Target Market + Positioning + Brand Awareness + Brand Image + Loyalty TOOLS?
Products+ Added Services + Distribution + Communication + Relationship Experiment your identity MUCH MORE THAN SIMPLE PHYSICAL PRODUCTS Stuck all around the city on posters and ads
Excite people's interest and curiosity
Debby is Fun and Cosmopolitan
Increase Visibility and Awareness Written by a Makeup Journalist
Magazines for young Comospolitan girls
Increase brand awareness and create strong and unique brand associations in the mind of Consumers
Consumer can discover the refreshed brand identity, our products and services In magazines, aiports, metro/bus/train stations, universities areas
Increase brand awareness & create strong associations
Inform about the new brand identity, products, services, new points of sales
Excite interest and curiosity Little branded cute shopping bag to take on the shelve
Increase visibility, excite interest and curiosity
Girls will be proud to carry it around and reuse it Meet the media, journalists, bloggers, magazines, distributors at Debby's headquarters
Give them a taste of our new brand identity and Promotional Campaign (free Mix&Match Kit , Debby's Mix&Match Bible, Makeup done by Debby'smakeup artist, visit Debby's Van)
Provide them the program of the events and an invitation to the closing party 4 weeks tour around Italy
Debby's icon as the animator of Debby's REAL TV SHOW
--> daily videos on website and facebook
Pictures of the girls on website and facebook
Give the cosmo girls a chance to interact with Debby, get to know her better while having fun with her Post on Debby's Website and Facebook the picture/video of you wearing your FAVOURITE Mix&Match set of colors
The 20 participants with the most "I Like" votes win a complete makeover by a professional stylist + 100Euros to spend in Debby's products Piazza Duomo
All stakeholders invited to join us
Whole event recorded + pictures, posted on Website and Facebook. Conclusion
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