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Welcome to P5 W

No description

angela westbrooks

on 2 September 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to P5 W

Welcome to P5 W

As a teacher I will help your student
become their best selves
Our Goal Is To Be Our Best Selves Each Day
This means we are brave enough to try new things and ask big questions,
we are confident in our unique abilities,
we are capable of using the tools around us to
find answers and grow,
we are creative in our process,
we are caring to ourselves and others,
we are citizens of our classroom and the
greater world around us

As a Student I will challenge myself
Your student will be asked to challenge themselves to be their best each day through a variety of lessons, topics and units.
Where we are striving to be our best selves each day
We are thrilled to share our goals and visions for the year with you. It is going to be an exciting year for us all.
We can all work together to achieve these goals
My lovely daughter Eabha
I am an American, qualified teacher passionate about sharing my love of learning with others. I believe that learning is a way of life. I hope to encourage your students to ask big questions and seek knowledge. I will lead by example, sharing my life and this journey right along side them.

Safe enviornment
Listened to

Giving the classroom back to the students

Facilitating and Guiding their journey

Differentiated, Challenging, Meaningful, Hands -on, Student- based learning
This year we will:
read novels, picture books and 40 books each,
study Ancient Rome, WWI and the Great Famine,
examine rocks, weather and old buildings around us,
add, subtract, multiply, divide and gain an understanding of fractions, decimals and percents,
learn about word origins,
have penpals,
examine myths and legends,
connect with the world through technology,
compose a narrative,
persuade, discuss and write an argumentative essay,
appreciate our changing bodies,
flourish in Irish,
go on trips, think deeper,
ask questions, build things,
read more, write well,
problem solve, grow,
and maybe, just maybe have some fun.
Homework, in this class, is not schoolwork. Homework is work that is different, that needs to be done at home.
Work that expands on the learning done in school,
allows opportunities for conversation, enhancement, real world connections
Homework is not mandatory.
Your child doesn't know that specifically.

Extra classes are part of the curriculum and do have homework
Art is Monday
Music is on Tuesday
PE and Games are Monday and Friday
Languages is Tuesdays and Thursdays
Science is Tuesdays
Library is on Wednesday

As a parent you can encourage your child
Blue planners
Weekly updates
Contact me by email, notes or set up a time before school

Formal Assessment
Drumcondra Testing
Quarterly Tests
Informal Assessment
Small groups
Check daily work
Self Assessment
Weekly Reflections
Math Reflection Sheet
A Few More Things:

Nut Free Zone

Supervision before 8:40

Names on Uniform

Healthy Lunches

Prep for students with siblings in the Senior School

-Priceless, important, valuable learning happens at home in new adventures, in family conversation around the table, in being outdoors, in trying new things, in following passions

-Fresh air, opportunities to 'play', meals, and decent bedtimes offer more benefit to students.

-You are busy, your students are busy
What Can Your Student Do?
Read- often, every night, from a variety of genres
IXL- review, enrichment, practice
Go Deeper Questions- relevant, thought provoking, opportunities to
learn together
Interest project- find their passion, research it, do it, share it
*Homework will be assigned in other classes, if work is not finished in classroom and for projects. *
Free Write- use their journal to write pieces they care about
This is new and different.
I am happy to answer questions, offer
suggestions, give enrichment work.
Please ask me if you are concerned.
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