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Untitled Prezi

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Andreas Abd-Muhsin

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My trip to the Atlantis Bahamas By Andreas Later we ran to the plane got in just in time, Yes we made it! Now lets find our seats. We got the back, Sigh blah blah safety instructions, I know, I know, lets fly. 3h later were here. Now lets get are stuff and go. Now we got to go on the shuttle bus, 30min later were here now lets get to our room, Ok we start unpacking sigh 2h later now lets exit the resort. Wasting Time! Coconut trees was the first thing I thought when I landed in the Bahamas. I see sea turtles, Now lets go through the tunnels. Wow! I saw lobster and then we got our wrist bands, It's time to go on the slides. Lets go on the serpent slide. Wow I’m in a tunnel full of sharks. Now its time for dinner, I went to a place called Anthony’s and ate a whole pizza and calamari, I also had a meat ball it was so big and awesome. Arriving Now lets go to tomorrow, 2nd day. I woke up at 6 oclock so i said lets move, 3h ahead now its time to go to the water park, lets go on the current. Going On the First WATER RIDE! its lunch on the beach Then I went to to go eat lunch. I ate at the bar and grill. It was beach time. Thats when i got the Necles i am wearing right now. I was swimming at the beach and a wave hit me so i just went back to the water park, because of all of that cold ocean water. I went to the water park but it was closed, so we went to take a shuttle bus, when we were walking to the shuttle bus i got to see a orange and wight fish then i left went home once we got to the hotel, we went in the elevator, and we were talking with some people they said they moved from the most horible view to the beach view, and then my mom disided to move and that was all for today. 3rd day I got up in the morning, i was looking at the view it looked good once we saw the beach. I was having my favorite cereal, when i see a pidgen, and that pigeon came closer and then wham a whole flock of seagulls come, i slamed the door. They left next we were walking to the water park. I saw a bridge and we went right through it then we got to the water park. the water park I went on this big ride called serpent slide, i went through a shark tunnel, For half a day. We saw the feeding time. I went to the jungle slide but then i went once on the current then i left and that was all for today. the next day I got up and was thinking what should we do today, well i went on this slide that was from the other side of serpent slide it was like you entered a water atmosphere, this is it then i went to the casino and played a game. I went to the lost city of Atlantis i saw sharks and scuba divers, and all of the legend if you pay you could get a tour inside the tank. the 5Th day the day i almost diead We got up and then we went to the shark place. I went under the fence to get a close up picture of a shark and then the shark came closer, and its head popped up. I think it was trying to jump. It moved its head and came closer. Wow, that was scary! Now lets go to the beach. It was cold but I swam any way. I saw this giant wave so I dove in the water. 3, 2, 1, I made it just in time for the wave to hit me and I am surfing on top of the wave. I think I should go dry myself. Hey look! It's a guy selling sea things. "Mom can we buy Patrick the starfish please? It smells like strawberries." OK, yes we got the star fish and a sea shell for 15$ now its time to go on the river rapids. It's a very good name for a ride like that. Next I went to this power tower. its beach time I am going to go to the beach. Hey mom it looks like its going to rain, no lets stay longer hey mom look this guy is coming to us he was a business trips men, he said go to this island and feed iguanas and swim with pigs and sharks we said no to the pig part, and we wold get a buffet and yes Durante there is chicken wings, we asked how much he said 500 dollar so it started to rain and we said it wasn't worth it so we left and went back to are resort. the day of the air port Getting Up! leaving The day I was leaving I woke up to the sound of someone in the shower. I thought, "Oh man now I have to make Camy stop hissing, Here eat some crickets now and be quiet. I am tired," Oh wait, it's five o clock, I am leaving now. Got to go to the airport... drive, vrrm vrrm. Why are we not going!? Dad says we have to warm up the car, ok, sigh then we got to the airport and now I want a ice cap. They were all out, ok, I'll have a hot chocolate. Got it, now lets leave. Now I should waist time playing on those ramp things ok 1h and 30 minuets Hey IT looks cold outside. No it just those clouds ok i geuss. Its time to go to the casino, ok. Lets watch dad. Now lets go to the lost city of atlantis. Hey their is a sea pikle, a cat, a lizard, a crab and a horse shoe crab and even a starfish lets feel them hey. 1 crab fliped over now we should go out side? Sure lets go to the water park. Go to the current, then i went to the dolphin kay. I swam and felt, fed and touched its tail. It was time for lunch. I ate at this out door place which will haunt me forever. I was eating my fries when a whole bunch of seagulls came and they started attacking us for food. One peeked me, and then we moved. When all of a sudden wham it grabbed the fries from my dad, i looked around me nothing their now to bight my fish stick snack, ow you stoll my fish stick! and peaked me, now its time for dinner we went to Sea Grapes. It was this big buffet and their was chicken wings. Then i got a picture with a band. We had to pack up. 6 day dolphin day I got up in the morning. I went to this place called Duncan donuts, so i got an ice cappuccino and ate my sisters muffin, because she did not want it , it was good. Then i went to the casino, passed by and then went to see the view. We left and then we went out side, and waited for the shuttle bus, so i started playing kick the boss. It came we went to the airport, bought some Wendy s, and went on another shuttle bus, once we got their we made it to the airport and then are flight was at 2:15 so i played more kick boss, then we flew, went home and that was my vacation Any Questions...
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