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Alternative Energy Resource:

No description

Jaylen Couser

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Alternative Energy Resource:

Alternative Energy Resource:
More Info
The energy(electricity) that is gathered/or created by/from: solar panels , generators , thermal power plants (use heat to produce steam that runs generators), nuclear fission/fusion, burning or fossil fuels ,, hydroelectricity , wind mills etc. Some of these alternative energy resources are man made for example , dams , humans use dams to harness the power of water into creating electricity. Some of these alternative energy resources are natural such as solar energy/panels
) Some negative aspects/disadvantages of using electricity/using electric cars is that some electric cars are very expensive , depending on what make and model you decide to purchase. One reason I could think as of why some electric car brands are so expensive is due to the advanced technology used in making them and the high demand people have for them
Some advantages/positive aspects of using electric car energy is that electric cars do not emit any tailpipe pollutants , which is very environmentally friendly. Some other advantages would include : much cheaper than combustible cars (as in buying one and investing in one) , the battery is rechargeable so you can use the car as long as there is an abundant supply of electricity.
The cost of the energy can vary depending on where and how you get it .
For example you could be charging your electric car from your own home and it would be expensive , but the savings on the gas would be all worth it. Here is a scenario , you live in beautiful residence ( home) and you are paying Duke Energy $12.19 per a month. Say your electric car gets 200 miles every charge and you charge it about three times a week . According to Plug in america it would cost up to $2 to $4 to charge fully. So it would cost $6 to $12 a week . So not bad I must add. Obviously the the cost would also , vary depending the millage and the make and model car you get.
Renewable or Not?
Yes, this energy is a renewable resource due to the fact that electric cars are powered by the rechargeable battery . This rechargeable battery is charged by electricity and electricity is renewable due to the ways we create it.
Electric Cars
This is not necessarily a alternative energy resource, but uses an alternate power supply. Cars generally use gasoline and oils to function. Electric Cars like the name suggests, function off of good ole' sparky-shock-shock.
How they're powered
This type of energy can used to power many things such as homes to businesses to whole towns and states. Electric cars are powered by electricity that electricity comes from the battery inside the car . Basically the type of energy (electricity) can be used to power any thin and everything that needs electricity. Some examples of that would include : homes , schools, and businesses.
Electric Cars
Jaylen Couser
Batoul Sellami
Period 3
Earth Science
Some waste by-products/pollutants of electric cars (electricity) is the green house gasses that come from obtaining the energy required to charge and operate a electric car. Also , charging the car it self creates carbon dioxide pollution.
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