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Andy Higgins

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of boode

Charlie Bone And The RED NIGHT By Andrew Higgins The author of this book is Jenny Nimmo. She was born England The main charier of this Book is... The Genre of this book is
nonfiction. Charlie Bone Charlie Bone has something
awesome with him. In the first threw the 7th book Charlie Bone did know about but didn't know how to use it. In this book he knows fully knows how to master it. Do you what to now he has the power to trivial into..... pitcher and drawings. Works Cited
Nimmo, Jenny. Charlie Bone and the Red Knight. New York: Orchard Books, 2010. Print.

MLA formatting by BibMe.org. Bibliographic Info g I chose this book because I read the 1st -7Th book and it was awesome The protagonist The protagonist are
Billy Raven,Mr. Ominous,
Amy Jones and there is a forever
list. The reason the people are on the protagonist list is that Billy is an endowed he has the power to communicate with animals like deer, ants, dogs. The reason why this is important is the only things the only way to find Charlies dad is by three cats. I forgot to tell you that Charlie's dad is missing. the last time Charlie saw his dad was in a forgotten spot part of the map. The Antagonist list
Manfred Bloor,
Lord Grimwald. Time Perode was 2006 the setting is on a little town out side of Boston Massachusetts.A little town with lots of go get her were no one can be trusted. Story Pyramid; The being Charlie has one last shot at finding
his dad. But he lost most of his friends in his last time the tryed to find his dad. Charlie gets the rest of hes friends to go find his Dad. this place is lolled with
Manferd army But when they found his dad Manfred army was sounding Charlie and his Dad. Then all of a soddenly The RED KNIGHT
Uppers out of the clouds and took Manfred
and his army with him. Family is more important than anything. Likes and dislikes It was awesome
when the red knight
comes and took Manfred I Lenard that good come that stop and slow down
and wait. I recommend this book to people who like action. Thank you for watching. g
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