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PTA Meeting Spring 2014

No description

Rick Jiang

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of PTA Meeting Spring 2014

Chaos on the Goldberg Machine Project
What are we?
Side program
Aiming to get kid's attention in English
How do we do this?
50/50 program
Traditional textbook
Creative projects
Project Lists
Biomes project
Famous Environmentalist project
Website building project
Space station project
Catapult project
The chair project
Goldberg machine project

Coming soon:
Crystal growing experiment
Steam boat project
Rocket building project
Space object report / modeling
Student teaching
Mini projects - kite project
Team English games
Philosophy reflections - poison food
Special issues lessons - Salton Sea
Special films - Gravity
Grade 7 - Environmental Science
gentle introduction to science
understand how science can influence everyday life
Grade 8 - Chemistry
give a general outline of the "core" subject
parallel with the kids' Chinese Chemistry lessons
Grade 9 - Physics
another "core" subject of the West
lessen the load at this stage to give kids time for their high school entrance exam
Grade 10 & 11 - Astronomy
extend ideas beyond the Earth
try to bring kids the knowledge and "philosophy" of the universe
Science Report
PTA Meeting Spring 2014
Sample Projects
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