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A Letter to God

No description

Katie Li

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of A Letter to God

A story full of disappointments and tragedy. By G.I.Fuentes
A Letter to God
Exposition: A farmer named Lencho lived in a house on the top of a small hill with his wife and kids and their farms.

Raising Action: One day rain came and turned into hail, which ruined the farms. Lencho decides to write a letter to God asking for a hundred pesos to fix his farm.

Conflict: The mailman receives the letter and shows it to the postmaster. The postmaster did not want to disappoint the farmer's faith, therefore he collected seventy pesos and put it in a envelope with a signature that says "God".
In the short story "A Letter to God" by Gegorio Fuentes, he demonstrates how people should not rely on things that cannot be proven as reliable, because your faith will not be able to get you as far as you think. In the story, Gegorio wrote "what faith! I wish I had the faith of the man who wrote this letter." this sentence showed how strong Lencho's faith was, that it even made the postmaster jealous. Also in the story Gegorio says "All though the night, Lencho thought only of his one hope: the help of God...even what is deep in one's conscience." this supports the idea how Lencho believes that the God is all mighty and can do anything and everything which made him reliable.

Theme of the Story
Irony: When Lencho received the money, readers expected him to be happy and grateful, but instead he was angry and frustrated.
“God: Of the money that I asked
for, only seventy pesos reached... the post office
employees are a bunch of crooks. Lencho.” (Fuentes2)

Symbolism: In the story farmer Lencho was described as "an ox of a man" using the ox to represent how hard working he is.
"Lencho was an ox of a man, working like an animal in the fields, but still he knew how to write." (Fuentes1)
Literary Devices
Was there any confusions in the plot?
Did students gain a full understanding of the lesson?
Are there any questions about the theme?
Checking for Understanding
Story Diagram
Climax: Lencho receives the letter which was supposedly sent from God, and became angry when he saw he only received seventy pesos.
Falling Action: Lencho wrote a letter back to the "God" that only gave him seventy pesos, asking for the other thirty.

Resolution: The mailman receives the letter and reads it together with the postmaster realizing that Lencho thought the post office employees are a bunch of crooks.
Song: Kiss the Rain
by Yiruma
Do people ever ask themselves what is dependable and what is not?
Are people ever satisfied with their cravings and greed?
When there seem like there is no hope, how should people deal with it?
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