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Solar TV

No description

Hazel Rea Cabaya

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Solar TV

History November 28, 2009 - Solar TV launched on RPN at 11:00am with a slogan "It's A Bright New World."

October 31, 2010 - It changed some of its programming content to English/Tagalog with a new slogan "Kung Saan Lahat Panalo!"

March 2, 2011 - Solar Entertainment Corporation buys RPN, Solar TV was replaced by ETC on RPN and by an all talk/news channel "Talk TV".

At the last quarter of 2011, Solar TV launched its news division Solar News.

October 30, 2012 - Talk TV changed its name to Solar News Channel. Solar TV Network Inc. is a broadcast television subsidiary of Solar Entertainment Corporation in the Philippines headed by William Y. Tieng. Its headquarters are located at the Solar Media Center, Ground Flr., Worldwide Corporate Center, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City and transmitters are located at Panay Avenue, Quezon City. Features Audience: Class AB and C , 18-45 y/o (Male & Female)
Slogan: Kung Saan Lahat Panalo!
Sister Channel(s): Jack City, Universal Channel, Diva Universal,
2nd Avenue, Jack TV, Basketball TV, Solar Sports, ETC, The Game Channel, Solar News Channel
Coverage Area: Manila to Bulacan
Channel No.: Channel 21
Modulation Technique: QPSK
Transmitted Power: 30kW
Satellite Link: MEASAT-3 @ 91.5 degrees East longitude
Uplink: 6.67 GHz
Downlink: 3.64 GHz Operation
Solar TV is broadcasting from 5:00am–12:00 midnight Monday to Sunday, and 24 hours on cable networks. Programs International Programs

•60 Minutes
•Early Today
•Inside Edition
•NBC Nightly News
•The Today Show
•Today Weekend

* also airs on 2nd Avenue
Drama Series
•Emily Owens M.D. (2012–present)
•Glee (2008–present)
•The Lying Game (2012–present)
•Nikita (2011–present)
•Pretty Little Liars (2012–present)
•The Vampire Diaries (2009–present)
•Beauty and the Beast (2012–present)

News & Talk Show
•The Insider
•TMZ (2008-present)

Movie Block
•ETC Flix (2011-present) Equipments STUDIO A: NEWS ROOM Camera
HD Ikegami
HDK-79EXIII Teleprompter Softlight
DIVA LITE 401 Fresnel light
ST2/3-ARRI Lighting Console STUDIO B: VIRTUAL ROOM CAMERA CONTROL UNIT (CCU) Audio Console (Digital)
YAMAHA M7CL Sound Mixer
CFX 16 MKII Recorder
HARRIS-VIDEOTEK TVM Technical Operation Center Video Cross Converter

HARRIS X50 Patch Bay
CANARE Platinum Router
32x32 HARRIS Demultiplexer Video
Encoder Audio
Encoder Video Audio M
R Modulator Transport
Formater FEC
Encoder Up
Converter ANTENNA Master Control Analog Converter
Kudos Plus CVR900 CISCO Box 09865 Router
Miranda Nvision NV8144 Satellite Demodulator Satellite Encoder
D9850 SATCOM MVISION Satellite Receiver
TANDBERG RX1290 Power Receiver
Powervu D9850 Broadcast Server
Converter UP Converter
COMTECH UT-4504 Multimedia Resources (MMR) Editing VIZRT Server
RARITAN Software

Free TV- Channel 21
Cignal- Channel 21
SkyCable- Channel 16
Global Destiny- Channel 28
Cablelink- Channel 14
•Anderson Live
•Late Show with David Letterman
•The Talk
•The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


•Undercover Boss

•Top Gear
News Talk/Variety Drama Reality Documentary Programs News Talk/Variety Drama Reality Documentary Local Programs Local Programs News News •Solar Daybreak (2012-present)

•Solar Headlines (2012-present)

•Solar Network News (2012—present)

•Solar Nightly News (2012-present)

•Solar Newsday (2012-present)
Public Affairs Programs Public Affairs Programs •Legal Help Desk (2012-present)
•MedTalk (2012-present)
•News.PH (2012-present)
•Elections 2013 (2012-present)
•News Café (2012-present)
Sports Programs Sports Programs •Solar Sports Desk (2012-present) Others Others •What I See (2012-present) Operation Features History Availability Availability Outside Broadcasting Van Outside Broadcasting Van Camera Electronic News Gathering Van Electronic News Gathering Van Encoder Parabolic
Antenna Upconverter HPA Satellite Receiving Antenna Downconverter Decoder Antenna Studio (TOC) Studio (TOC) ENG Van Equipments ENG Van Equipments TOC Equipments TOC Equipments Camera Encoder Upconverter HPA Parabolic Dish
Antenna Soft Lights Downconverter Decoder Receiving/Transmitting
Antenna Thank You! Thank You!
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