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Saved by the Databases

No description

Laura Frantz

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Saved by the Databases

Laura was doing
her science homework. Saved by the Databases She needed to find
articles about
evolutionary research using DNA. Some of the Web sites she checked out were.... NOT ON HER READING LEVEL COMPLICATED FROM AN UNRELIABLE OR BIASED SOURCE She was completely OVERWHELMED! and
dog. Library databases are like a virtual library. You can access articles in reference books, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, journals, images, primary source documents and more... This time in
GALE Student Resource in Context, one of our many databases. She found great articles
from academic journals ... They were were on her reading level & trustworthy. current In addition, the articles.... could be listened to,as well as read written by experts Laura was able to sail through the assignment. With time left over.... to play with the dog. and best of all, provided
a perfect citation she could
just copy & paste into her
works cited. AND HAD ANNOYING ADS AND POPUPS. .Library Databases! from the comfort
of your own home. When
suddenly remembered... Library Databases! So Laura tried
her search again. All images from Flickr,
Creative Commons by Laura Frantz
Somerset County Library System ©theflyoverzone ©skagman ©DouglasBodkin ©photomachine Google gave her about 27,000,000 results

Scholarly articles about 1,590,000 results ©combinedmedia ©Anshu ©Ginnerobot ©Rishabh Mishra ©Splorp Based on original Prezi by Cathy Gelman
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