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Apple organizational structures

No description

Nick Geerts

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Apple organizational structures

Apple's Organizational Structures
Basic organizational structures
Advantages of this structure
CEO has full control (highly goal-directed)

Innovative and task-driven

Self-motivated, collaborative working

High secrecy (less product- and knowledge leaks)

Wide career opportunities
What changed under Tim Cook?
Tim is not as perfectionist as Jobs

More operational efficiency than engineering innovations

Change of Atmosphere

More communication/collaboration between teams

Apple is unconventional

Steve Jobs was unconventional, is Tim Cook the same?

Will Apple change or the CEO?
Joris Berns
Dinant de Bok

Corné Brands
Nick Geerts
Vincent Jansen
Zhu Mingfang
Daniel Naumilkat

What do you think?
Apple's structure under Jobs

Organized like a start-up

Small isolated project teams

Shifting unwritten caste-system

Top-down management
Disadvantages of this structure
Highly depending on leadership

Less transparency of information/knowledge (secrecy)

Top-down management

Losing track of big picture
Group 3
Why this structure?
Structure heavily influenced by Steve Jobs

His way of thinking and leading is reflected in the culture and therefore also in the organizational structure

Control over company

Apple's culture of... (recap)

Fear, mistrust and control

Task-oriented, perfectionist and competitive
What do you think of Apple's structure/culture?
Apple is lead like a monarchy

Project-groups innovative, but are strictly controlled

No innovation beyond project-groups

Mixture of an organic structure within a hierarchy (CEO is the central figure)

Culture reflects the structure

However, it is successful and therefore valuable
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