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New tutor training sessions

Joann Bae

on 18 February 2010

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Double click anywhere & add an idea Problem Situations When Working With Students 1. What if your student comes to your session unprepared to work on anything, does not bring their textbook, skips class from time to time and seldom takes notes. 2. What if your student consistently comes late to your sessions 3. The student wants you to do all the work and depends too much on you 4. You are overwhelmed because too many students are coming to you the times you are scheduled to work drop-in. 5. Your tutee has low self-esteem and expresses that it will be impossible to pass the class. 7. The tutee just wants to talk and socialize. You cannot get the student to focus on the course material because the conversation keeps going off topic. 6. The tutee has set unrealistic academic goals and wants you to help them achieve those goals. 8. The tutee just wants you to do the work and teach them everything by going step by step through every problem. 9. The tutee is too dependent on you and is unwilling to attempt a problem without your help.
10. Your tutee wants to argue and disagree with you about your knowledge and skills.
11. The tutee criticizes his/her teacher or other tutors. WHAT OTHER PROBLEMS HAVE YOU ENCOUNTERED? Erik is skinny
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