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The Center for Court Innovation

No description

Casey Yu

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of The Center for Court Innovation

Greg Berman, Director of Court Innovation:

"Because we have the arrogance to put "innovation"
in our name, we also feel compelled to look out for new online tools." What is Court Innovation? demonstration projects
and their use of Web 2.0 Attendance Court Bronx Community Solutions Brooklyn Treatment Center Center for Courts and Community Crown Heights Mediation Center Harlem Community Justice Program Midtown Community Court Times Square Ink NYC Community Cleanup blog RSS podcasts videos Facebook Wikipedia twitter press clips pros & cons of web 2.0 - increases transparency between director & staff they are able to work with colleagues from other districts, and even other countries, to implement their programming and ideas and have a positive affect on more people. image of the center staff autonomy to express themselves freely balance the center for court innovation is... a model for transparency innovation use of technology visit Times Square Ink http://www.timessquareink.com http://timessquareink.blogspot.com WEB 2.0 The Center for Court Innovation
New York, New York. credits

new york skyline -

twitter bird -

youtube video -
center for court innovation YouTube channel

Greg Berman:
"I think we are still figuring things out. if you check back
with me in six months, i might feel totally different." facebook fan page
youtube visit the NYC Community Cleanup site:
http://www.cleanupnyc.org/ visit the blog
http://changingthecourt.blogspot.com/ visit the site:
http://courtsandcommunity.org/about/index.html listen to interviews:
http://courtsandcommunity.org/supporting_innovative_outreach/attendance_court.html visit their blog
http://rethinkingreentry.blogspot.com/ pro! pro! con no specific web 2.0 but they make
heavy use of technology to keep judges,
case workers, and program officials in the loop.
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