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Who Am I Presentation!

No description

emilee cook

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Who Am I Presentation!

Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c AT WORK.. WHO I THINK I AM.. - OPEN MINDED
-PROCRASTINATOR AT SCHOOL... TO MY FAMILY.. Who is Emilee Cook? Overall TO MY FRIENDS... - UNORGANIZED -LAZY - QUIET, BUT OPINIONATED EXTERNAL EVALUATIONS - WHAT THEY KNOW... MUSIC - Country, Indie, Alternative ED SHEERAN MUMFORD & SONS INTERESTS - Photography, graphic desgin, Baseball, Rugby, Volleyball, art, Film OTHER - Caring, quiet, funny, mellow, laidback APPERANCE - medium length dirty blonde hair, casual style CULTURE - Canadian, European background WHAT THEY DON'T... MUSIC - I really like folk music, and a lot of older artists because of what I grew up listening to with my parents. BOB DYLAN HARRY CHAPIN GUY CLARK TOWNES VAN ZANDT JAMES TAYLOR Background - My families background is a mix of scottish and finnish Interests - reading, learning to play guitar, war films, collecting tickets (from concerts/cinemas/sports games) OTHER - I am really not as mellow and laidback as people think, most the time I'm freaking out about something in my head After reading the sheets, hearing from different people, and really thinking about how I act in different areas, I believe that my friends have the most accurate view on me, or the one that is most similar to my own. WHO KNOWS ME BEST? WHY? - I talk to them the most = comfortable
- We choose our friends based on how well we get along and our common interests, I have more of common interest with my friends than my family or co-workers, so in turn it is easier to talk to them
-They are my age = better understanding of my problems I don't really know what exactly makes someone who they are, but I guess it starts with what they like, and what they do. If that's the case I think my friends and family have a good outline of that, keeping in mind that I believe there are just some things in us that no one can understand without living our exact life.

As for the the general population at school and my co-workers, I really don't think they know me at all. When I'm with them, I'm the person in me that doesn't say a word, or the person that just cracks jokes. All they can do is guess.

Reading everything back, my friends and family are able to tell you my interests, my hobbies and what kind of clothes I wear, But I feel as though those things are only the basics of me. Not one person, including myself, described who I am as the issues I care about or the people I love and admire and I feel as though those things are the easiest ways to define a person truely.

I care about mental health issues, I encourage the craziest of dreams, and I am all for doing whatever it is that gets you through the night, but that's because of my life experiences and everything I've seen that makes me stand for those things. I would like to say that I don't believe anyone could truely know who I am, or who anyone really is until they know how they got where they are, and how they plan on getting to where they're going.
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