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Miguel Street - Hat

No description

Jessica Liu

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Miguel Street - Hat

Miguel Street Timeline Motives, Dreams, Plans Tones and Attitudes Connections to Others A Found Object SKIT! By: V.S. Naipaul Character Study: Hat Bigfoot's Bully Age 35: Cricket Ball Games Milk Scandal Married Dolly Age 43: Jail Man-Man's Stoning Eddoe's Baby-Sitter Beat Up Toni Saved Bhacku Crab Hunting Defended Kids Getting Revenge "Dolly had run away from Hat, taking all his gifts, of course. Hat had chased her and found her with another man." Pride "Which water in which milk?" Wants Authority and Respect Wants A Family Rebuilding His Life Coming out of jail is a new start Surrogate children Most people had forgotten him Marriage Always the first to bring news Leader of Miguel Street Club Picture Frame Jessica - Narrator/Police officer Yusuf - Hat Icy - Dolly, Hat's Wife Symbols Sadness when his brother left Miguel Street Kids Brother and Wife Miguel Street Neighbors Cricket ball games and movies Remembered him most after jail In Defense of Boyee: "Edward, put down that boy this minute or else it have big big trouble in this street." Involved in everyone's business Leader of the Miguel Street Club Two failed relationships resulting in resentment Cows Alcohol - Rum Earns him money Gift from his brother Always drinking with his friends Provides identity on the street as milk provider Makes him part of the Miguel Street Club Themes From His Story Family Problems "Sometimes he said he wasn't sure whether they were his at all, and he would spin a fantastic story about some woman both he and Edward lived with at the same time. " Respect and Admiration Happiness and Nostalgia "Hat was always getting in trouble with the police ... but it never soured him against the law." "It wasn't only that we boys had grown
older. Hat, too had changed. "
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