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Most Valuable Organelle of a Cell

No description

Misere Destoreaux

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Most Valuable Organelle of a Cell

The Nucleus- Most Valuable Organelle
of a Cell Reason 1 Reason 2 Reason 3 We know that all the organelles are very important to the cell, but which one is the MOST important? The nucleus contains the DNA of a cell. The cell contains the DNA, which contains the "instructions" needed for cell reproduction. The nucleus also controls metabolism and other things the cell does. It is basically the control center of the cell.
No other organelle contains the cell's DNA and controls its metabolism. The nucleus helps keep the structure of
the cell. It helps the cell function and grow. It
also sends instructions to the other organelles
within the cell through the cytoplasm.
Without the nucleus doing this, the organelles
wouldn't know what to do- they wouldn't be
able to do very much without a leader.
No organelle can send instructions to another organelle. The vesicles only send proteins and ATP to other organelles. A part of the nucleus, the nucleolus, reproduces ribosomes. The ribosome may be the smallest organelle in the cell, but it plays an important part. The ribosomes are vital to the cell; they make proteins for the cell to survive. Without the nucleus making the ribosomes, the cell would die.
Not one organelle reproduces the ribosomes. by Vanessa Hoang I would say that the nucleus is the most important out of all the organisms. Why? The nucleus is the most important organelle because it supplies ribosomes, an important organelle in the cell, it is a "vault" to the cell's DNA, and it controls what the organelles in the cell does to keep the cell working and efficient. Works Cited http://www.etap.org/demo/grade7_science/instruction2tutor.html
Life Science Textbook Chapter 4 Sections 1 and 2 pg. 117, 120 - 126
http://prezi.com/dpthnucuswy8/most-valuable-organelle-awards/ Most Valuable Organelle Awards Prexi by Victoria The Ribosome They are the smallest organelle in the cell. They make proteins for the cell to survive. The Endoplasmic Reticulum The Endoplasmic Reticulum, a.k.a. the ER, makes the proteins and lipids. It then gives it to the Golgi complex. The ER also breaks down substances that harm the cell. The Mitochondrion The mitochondrion makes power for the cell by breaking down sugar. The power it releases is called ATP. The cell uses the ATP to work. The Chloroplast The chloroplast is only found in plant cells, because these cells make photosynthesis happen, which helps the plant live. The Golgi Complex The Golgi complex is the organelle that packages proteins and gives it to the parts of the cell that need the proteins. It gets the proteins from the ER, which has already packed the proteins. It distributes the proteins by sending off vesicles. The Vesicles The vesicles are small sacs that contain the things that are to be moved into or out of a cell. These come from the Golgi complex when it sends proteins to other parts of the cell. The Lysosome The lysosome is a vesicle that digests wastes and worn-out or damaged organelles. They also destroy invaders, like a virus. The Cytoplasm The cytoskeleton are the proteins that keeps the cell's shape, movement and division. The Cytoskeleton The cytoplasm is the fluid and almost everything within the cell. The Nucleus The nucleus contains the cell's DNA and controls what the cell is doing and what it should do. It is the storage area of the cell and makes ribosomes for the cell to survive. The Large Central Vacuole The large central vacuole is found in most plant cells. It contains the water and other nutrients vital to the cell and the plant. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #11 #10 The Organelles of an Eukaryotic Cell numbered to show the most important So Basically... Thank you for watching!!! The Cell Wall The cell wall is found only on plant cells and surrounds the cell membrane. It protects the plant cell from intruders. #12
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