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The iRobot 510 PackBot (c)

No description

Sean Dashals

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of The iRobot 510 PackBot (c)

Enemy territory
Unknown terrain
Buildings where danger is possible ( scouting ) Bomb Stairs Enemy Fighter Summary PackBot Task The main manipulator has 8 degrees of freedom: End-effectors PackBot, a military robot that assists troops and first responders in dangerous missions, is used in various combat situations to provide an advantage to its user. Although it reduces loss of human life, it does have some cons. Overall, however, the iRobot 510 PackBot is positively changing the face of modern warfare. Use small arm manipulator to lift 30-pound bomb and defuse it. Where it's used Degrees of Freedom It has a small arm manipulator and a camera arm manipulator and a main manipulator. It is multi-functional. It can grip bombs and dangerous materials, and also detect its surroundings with the camera, microphone and the HazMat detector. The PackBot can climb stairs using its second set of wheels Budapest San
Francisco PackBot is used for potentially harmful missions, keeping first responders and soldiers out of dangerous situations. It simulates the human tasks of bomb disposal, hazardous material detection, surveillance, and other combat missions. • Shoulder Rotation: 360 degrees Continuous
• Shoulder Pivot: 220 degrees
• Elbow 1 Pivot: 340 degrees
• Elbow 2 Pivot: 340 degrees
• Gripper Rotation: 360 degrees Continuous
• Gripper Open and Close: 180 degrees
• Head Rotation/Pan: 360 degrees Continuous
• Head Tilt: 220 degrees PackBot relays a visual of the enemy's location to the controller. It aso electrically initiates pyrotechnic devices that possibly disable the enemy combatant. A game-style control unit enables the user to make effective use of the PackBot’s features. The controller also displays the visual and relays audio both ways. How it's programmed Sensors Hazmat sensors that detect radioactive materials
a camera to see what PackBot's doing
infrared sensors
a wide-angle drive camera
and audio sensors. •No human life is put at risk in bomb disposal
•Can scan unknown territory before combat units go in
•Can do heavy lifting Advantages Disadvantages High cost
Limited range The military has already successfully tested the PackBot in battle. From the videos, it seems very useful. It has saved many lives in enemy territory. Impact Additional manipulators and sensors can be attached to the PackBot to enable it to perform more difficult tasks. Future Innovations PackBot saves the day! Another Blinding Prezintation
by Adel Hassan
Alex Fraticelli
Willy Lin
"Seanic" Lancto
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