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No description

Ramy Elsayed

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of Trainers

Online Personal Branding
Marketing Plan
Ramy Elsayed
Digital Media for Trainers
- A huge audience
- The fastest to reach
- Cheaper in cost
- Small team
Community Building
- Specialization
- Narrow Focus Big Results
- Competitive advantage , Repeat and repeat and repeat
- Define your target audience
- Creat your marketing channels
- Your Brand Voice
- Content Strategy "Inbound Marketing"
- The annual plan
- Marketing stages "4"

Content types :
- Articles
- Videos
- Infographics
- Live Stream
- Webinars
- E-books
- Sound Tracks
You will need:
- Website or Blog
- Official Social Media Pages
- Official Youtube Channel
- Account on Webinar Site
- Video Editor Software
- Adobe Acrobat or MS Office
- Official Email
- Email Marketing Service
- Creative Designs
- Photo Session
- Online Payment Card
- Advertising Budget
Viral Plan
- Weekly Heavy Article
- Weekly Case Study
- Weekly Sound Track
- Weekly Advice in image
- Weakly Live Stream
- Weekly Quiz & eBook gift

- Monthly Youtube Video
- Monthly Webinar

- Quarterly eMail Campaign

- Annual course @ eLearning Platform
Tips :
- Be patient
- Be Natural
- Do not talk in politics
- Do not talk in football
- Study your competitors
- Follow Digital updates
- Interact with your audience
- Offline & Online Activities Linking
Keep On
How ?
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