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Text Features

No description

Abbey Corish

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Text Features

Traits added to the text to make it stand out or pop and reel in readers.
Print Features
Help you quickly learn the key points the text is talking about on that page.(In this case materials for an experiment.)
Bold Print
Is there to make the words more noticeable and stand out next to the text.
Appealing qualities you can add to a text to make the text more intriguing or interesting to a reader.
Text Features
A description for a picture. A caption can be found under a picture.
Graphic Aids
To help the reader visualize what the text is describing.
Shows you where an important event/person may have been.
Lists dates of important events in chronological order.
Organizes different events, people, etc into various categories.
By:Abbey Corish
Organizational Aids
Makes the text neat and easy to read.
Table Of Contents
Lists the chapters in the text, and shows the reader the page numbers for each chapter.(Found at the front of the text)
Pronunciation Guide
Shows you hard to read words and helps the reader sound out the words or to help pronounce them.(Found at the back of the text.)
Has words that are important to the text and further defines them.

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