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Water Pollution 6.03

No description

Angelica Sanchez

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Water Pollution 6.03

Water pollution is when any substance or chemical is discharged into any body of water and contaminates it. Human factors are usually the main cause of water pollution. This is the second most important environmental concern.
What can we do to stop water pollution?
1. Stop littering! Throwing trash on the ground can easily cause water pollution! If you have trash and there are no bins around, save it until you get home!
2. Shorten the amount of time you use to take a shower... saving water can help prevent water shortages.
3. Use organic manure instead of pesticides and chemicals for your garden. This helps prevent any chemical runoffs into any water body nearby.
Why would some people oppose my solutions?
Positive & Negative Externalities
1.Cleaner water and less worries about what individuals are drinking.
2. Contaminated runoff would decrease, which would decrease the amount of chemicals being discharged into bodies of water.

1. If farmers are required to grow all their food organically, the price of food will increase dramatically.
2. Fertilizer companies would lose money if farmers switch to organic manure.

People will have no worries on the water they are drinking because it is cleaner. There are many ways individuals can help just by doing small things such as picking up any trash they see on the street, or even just picking up there animals waste when they take them out for a walk.
The government benefits from keeping water clean and healthy because the population will be happy and healthy. If there is polluted water, this affects the tourism of the country because no one is going to want to stay at a beach or lake where the water is polluted. This causes the government to lose money.
Businesses Incentives
Water safety products and goods will increase business sales and profits. More jobs will be available due to the new water plants that are now providing clean, healthy water systems. However, business have to be careful as to where they are dumping their waste, if they are careful, they no longer have to worry about polluted water affecting their products.
6.03 Water Pollution
What is water pollution?
1. Taking short showers means people have to rush through it and think about the amount of time and water that they are wasting. Some people do not agree to having a limit on the amount of time that can use their water since they are paying for it.
2. In many places there aren't enough trash cans around and people do not like holding trash in their hands, this is why people litter.
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