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Puerto Princesa Underground river

No description

tyrone nibalvos

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Puerto Princesa Underground river

Puerto Princesa Underground river
The attraction I chosen In my country is Puerto princesa underground river / PPUR, I will start by how many people visits the puerto princesa underground river, In 2011 there are 500,146 visitors in PPUR but this year it might increases the numbers of visitors In PPUR. PPUR is located some 360 miles southwest of manila located in palawan, the nearest city it's close by is puerto princesa city.
Visiting PPUR will cost Phillpines money, The general fee for adults will be Ph 100.00 and for minors will be Ph 75.00. To able to get in the PPUR you have to ride the a small motor boat because inside the cave is surrounded by water.
In PPUR there are special events they call it Pamana ( World Heritage in The Phillipines) PPUR is close to trees and puerto princesa city.
it was established in november 12, 1992 and being managed by the city goverment of puerto princesa since it was established. i think that there's no person built or created PPUR its natural made by environment.
speacial things about PPUR is that inside PPUR you can see gorgeuos different sizes of rocks and magnificent sculpted big rocks coverd with limesstones and many more creatures in side the PPUR. PPUR is the longest underound river it contains 8.2 km long underground river that flows directly to the sea, PPUR was established as our coutry's national park on 1971 and on november 11, 2011 PPUR was chosen as one of the new 7 wonders of nature and was confirmed officially as the new 7 wonders of nature on january 28, 2012 .
Thanks for watching!!!!
I uploaded some pictures and one video inside the PPUR.
Thanks for watching!!!!
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