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What VALE-OLE means to William Paterson University. June 7, 2010.

Kurt Wagner

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of WPUNJ and VALE-OLE

In a time of shrinking resources
fiscal tightening and and uncertain future... It is time to consider new models
that are more efficient, more effective
and provide higher levels of service
and functionality. We can no longer
do things the old way. VALE-OLE What is VALE-OLE? A Mellon foundation initiative under the auspices of the Kuali Foundation
An open source, enterprise-level suite of library applications intended to replace the current proprietary ILS.
More information at http://www.kuali.org/ole
How does this differ
from current library
systems? Current systems have not had a conceptual change in nearly 30 years.
Designed by library staff from all areas to perform particularly in areas where current systems fall short.
No longer subject to a corporate business plan.
Design centered on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and seamless integration with other campus systems.
Why VALE-OLE? VALE's 52 academic libraries operate as a loose collective only. We share purchasing of some databases, a limited reciprocal borrowing policy, and considerable committee work.
We envision ---
A shared, locally-supported, more efficient consortial database.
Statewide borrowing using "One Card New Jersey"
Standardized protocols of acquisitions, cataloging, patrons, loans and transactions.
Local development and customizations to fit the needs of New Jersey academic libraries.

How does VALE-OLE
benefit WPUNJ? Voyager's connection to campus ERP is fragile, tenuous, human-tended, and unreliable.
OLE will include direct, realtime linkage to student and financial systems.
Elimination of current need to rekey significant amounts of information.
Improve student and faculty access to research materials.
Share collection development, acquisitions and periodicals costs through closer collaborative relationships.
Improve efficiency of library technology through shared knowledge of a common system.
Achieve national recognition for technological and collaborative innovation.

What is required of
WPUNJ? Join NJIT, Drew, TCNJ and Rutgers as "alpha implementers"
Contribute 20% of system librarians' time to serve on implmentation task force.
Eventually commit funding not to exceed current expenditure for Voyager and (prospectively) ramping down to a level less than currently spent on our system.

You may have heard of these
other products/projects... Kuali Finance http://www.kuali.org/kfs
Kuali Student (under development) http://student.kuali.org/
Sakai (course mgmt) http://sakaiproject.org/
Zotero (source mgmt) http://www.zotero.org/ Research, not re-search

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