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Argyris's Theory Of Adult Personality

Chris Agrysis's believes that managers that treat people positively and as responsible adults will acheive the highest productivity.

Samneet Singh

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Argyris's Theory Of Adult Personality

Chris Argyris's Biography
- Business Theorist
- Research explored the impact of formal --organizational structures, control systems and management on individuals.
- Explored contrasts between management practices and need/capabilities of adults
- Believed people need less structure, because it creates more limits. USe Of Theory _ By: Samneet Singh & Henita Patel Argysis's Theory of Adult Personality Theory Of Adult Personality Classical management principles and practices inhibit worker maturation and are inconsistent with the mature adult personality. His Beliefs - Management practices need to be more consistent with the mature adult personality.
- Employees need to be more responsible.
- Employees should participate in decision making.
- Productivity does not increase in employees by assigning a harder task.
- Mature workers need to be a part of the whole decision making process. Use of the Theory
 Argyris’s theory has influenced thinking about the relationship between people and organizations.
 Theory has been used in the past.
 Ideas from the theory are used today, in some organizations
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