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Entertainment in the 50's

No description

Akeyla Jordan

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Entertainment in the 50's

Entertainment in the 1950s
Akeyla Jordan
The Exciting Television
Impact on Americans
The Beat Movement
The Talent
Impact of 50's Entertainment In General
Rock 'N' Roll
What Makes the 50's So Great and Different?
Golden Age of Television
Evolving period of the TV
Different TV Models Created
Introduction of
1st Wireless TV remote
Success of Commercial Television
Emerged from radio industry
More TV = Less Newspapers, Magazines, and Radios
Common Source of Entertainment in Family
The TV Dinner
Arrival of the Beats (Beatniks)
group of poets,writers, artists
against conformity of America
juvenile delinquency
sense of restlessness
Birth of Rock 'N' Roll
Elvis Presley
Influences From
Rhythm & Blues
Country Western
Growing & Evolving Period
New Innovations
Theater & Film/Televison
Source of Recreation
Fabulous Fifties
Growing Stage for Entertainment
Music Scene
Changed Thinking/Outlooks
Social Groups
Poem Howl
James Dean
Novel: On the Road
Entertainment Issue of Today
This is an article on CNN's website about the controversy created from the debut of a talk/comedy show in Iraq. The idea for the show came from a trio of friends from Baghdad that wanted to expand their joking banter into a TV show. From there, the show, Akou Fad Wahad (There is this guy), came into existence. Initially, they set out to make a show to make people happy yet it was not perceived that way after the first debut. It was very popular among the male viewers; yet, described as "very bold" by others. Sexual innuendos in the show shocked certain Iraqis and from that point on offended the conservative population of Iraq. People disagreed with talking about taboo subjects like relationships and sex. In protest, religious groups staged a demonstration, government censors complained about the show, and a gang even threatened one of the three creators. Also, the three friends added a female DJ to the show but were asked to remove her and did. From the opposition of many people in Iraq, one can tell that Iraq is simply not ready for a show that doesn't fit in the confines of the accepted social standards.

This situation with the Iraqi show now seems to be similar to the rules of television back in the 1950s. During that time, TV shows were not meant to be controversial but rather to fit the social norms of the time. In the 50's, there was an emphasis put on family life, appropriateness, and accepted female gender roles. Take Leave It to Beaver, for example; it depicts a family in suburbia, a common theme in America of the time. Also, like the Iraqi talk show, racy and taboo like subjects would never be readily accepted on television sets throughout the country. Like the situation with female DJ, there were people that criticized women in television acting "unladylike" in 1950 standards. In 1950s shows were a stage to show something radically different, but rather give entertainment within the accpeted social norms of the time
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