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Les Amis de l'ABC

No description

Catherine Galliford

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Les Amis de l'ABC

Les Amis de l'ABC
"The guide"
He is the philosopher of the group
"Revolution, but civilization"
All around fab guy
Corrected the dictionary for fun
Thinks that being free is the greatest thing ever
2/3 of the Revolutionary trinity
Died from 3 bayonet thrusts in the back while tending the wounded aww baby

The centre
He's the sun of the group and makes everyone happy and just sigh ily courf
Basically adopts Marius
Makes jokes even whilst dying on the barricade
A ladies man but he's hot stuff so I don't blame him
3/3 of the revolutionary trinity
Dies ):
m. gillenormand said to marius "have you not an intimate friend?" "yes" "what has become of him?" "he is dead" *muffled sobbing in the background*
Jean "Jehan" Prouvaire
The poet of the group
Only ami with a first name thanks hugo
He's a writer and a romantic and speaks a lot of languages
Likes walking in meadows to adore the flowers
Basically the perfect boyfriend
Dies defending the republic
"'Vive la Republique!" A shot rang out. "They have killed him!" said Combeferre" the condensed version of his romantic, heartbreaking death
Terrible sense of fashion but a total badass don't mess with Jehan he'll mess you up
The workingman
An orphan for his whole life
He taught himself everything I mean EVERYTHING
Fanmaker cmon thats cool
"'He adopted the people'" Enjolras had a big fat crush on Feuilly aw <3 (but he loved grantaire ok)
Dies too bc they all die ok

Enjolras is "the leader" (w/ fab hair)
"A charming man capable of being terrible"
He had a lot of passion about Patria and France and liberty (and Grantaire wut)
"Did not seem to know a thing existed called a woman" hmm seems straight "would have turned away from the bared breast of Evadne" yeah 100% hetero ok
Killed this guy named Le Cabuc b/c he had killed an innocent man and E even condemned himself for it god bless
1/3 of the revolutionary trinity
Died holding hands with Grantaire
The hypochondriac doctor
What a sweetheart aww joly ily
In a relationship w/ Bossuet AND Musichetta bc this guy is fearless of the government and what they would do if he was in a queer polyamorous relationship
Bffls with Grantaire and Bossuet
This guy has so many names but friends call him Bossuet bc it means eagle and he's bald haha jokes
Unluckiest and clumsiest yet the most lighthearted
Fun to drink with
Joly's bf aww and also Musichetta's
Dies second after Bahorel bc of his bad luck I assume that's sad
Tough guy
Super lazy
"To err is human-to loaf, is Parisian."
He's pretty relatable
He's the main connection from Les Amis to other activist groups
Dies first because of his aggression poor creature
Oh no my baby my sweet angel poor Grantaire
A cynic
Only cares in the world are a) Enjolras b) his friends c) drinking
Drinks bc he understands life's horrors
"Adored, venerated, and loved Enjolras"
"Why was the toad always looking at the sky? To see the bird as it flies by."
"No one loves the light like the blind man."
He's really freaking intelligent and witty and makes lots of bad puns
"Who has been unhooking the stars and placing them on the table in the guise of a candle without my permission?" aka these candles are really freaking bright man
Dies hand in hand with Enjolras

To recap:
all flawless and beautiful and so hopeful except R but what can you do
they're each other's family
die thanks hugo
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