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Voltaire Fajardo

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of COLUMN WRITING

What is Column Writing?
• A newspaper column is a recurring article in the news paper that is usually written by columnists
• Columns are articles or features written for newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other publications

Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-column

A Brief History of column writing
The newspaper column has been used throughout history as a defence strategy against technological challenges to print media.

Source: www.journalism.ryeson.ca/grad/124
Advice Column - agony aunt, or agony uncle .
Book Review Column - summary review or scholarly review.
Critic Reviews - is a professional who communicates their opinions
Community Correspondent Column - also known as a rural correspondent or country correspondent

Ambeth R. Ocampo 
-is a multi-awarded Filipino historian, academic, journalist, and author best known for his writings about Philippines' national hero José Rizal and for "Looking Back", his bi-weekly editorial page column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Justo Justo
-was a Filipino columnist and Pasay City Councilor.
Global Political Fallout of the First World War

19th and early 20th centuries = PSEUDO-COLUMNS
“A lot of the early copy that bore the marks of column writing was in the form of letters.” – Historian Sam Riley, The American Newspaper Columnist"

Late 1800’s = “Citizen Journalist”
Fannie Fern = The New York Ledger
Marry Clemmer Ames = “A Woman’s Letter From Washington” = The New York Independent = 1866-1884
“Veneration of the Fact” = Honore de Balzac, French Novelist
Mitchell Stephens, A History of News = “News was considered “an independent substance”.

Michael Schudson, Discovering the News: A Social History of America Newspapers = POLITICAL COLUMNS = Journalist’s most important institutional acknowledgement.

Walter Lippmann = syndicated
Henry Luce = “Show me a man who thinks he’s objective and I’ll show you a man who’s deceiving himself.”
Late 1940’s and early 1950’s

Humor Column - to
provoke laughter 
Sports - sporting topics and 
Tensei Jingo - A short column
concerning news items or nature
of Japanese newspaper

: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Column_(periodical)

Isagani R. Cruz
-As a writer, Cruz has received recognition for his contributions to Philippine literature. He had written more than thirty books. He is a Don Carlos Palanca Memorial awardee for Literature.
Randy David
-A longtime professor in the Department of Sociology of the University of the Philippines, David first came into widespread prominence in 1986, when he accepted an offer by the Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation to host a public affairs talk show on IBC-13
Currently at The Philippine Star where he also writes his revived FunFare column

Victor Davis Hanson
-a military historian, is one of the most prolific conservative writers today, often churning out multiple columns per week.

Mark Steyn
-Regular listeners of the Rush Limbaugh radio show will be familiar with Mark Steyn, a regular fill in host for the country’s most listened to talk show.
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