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Maja Szakadát introduction

This prezi contains my achievements in life so far, my plans for the future, and my reasons for wanting a job at Prezi.

Petra Marjai

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Maja Szakadát introduction

Inventory Player My ACHIEVEMENTS so far: The 3d glasses SUPER of the FUTURE The clock
of amazing FREE TIME In my free time I like to read, make up stories while listening to music, draw inspired by those stories, bake cakes as a kid I imagined to be impossible, and play computer games. I also collect hair colours. I have a in animation in Moholy-Nagy University of Art and design. BA degree And a successful advanced level

in BME Nyelvvizsga Központ. English language exam I'd like to continue my studies in the field of I'd like to create fun, innovative games that encourage players to use their creativity, and rewards them for doing so. With Prezi I could encourage and help the users to be able to express themselves (that would be a great practice). I can use Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Flash, Anime Studio Pro, TV Paint, Art
Rage. I have experience with Mac OS X
as well as Windows 7. Ammo Life Spotfilm made for KAFF 2011 My part: design, animation, composition Teaser for our graduation film with Bálint Gelley My part: design, animation.
I'm also co-director. Pages of my sketchbook: Applied art: Freetime doodles: game design. Hey, my name is Maja Szakadát. contact szakadat.maja@gmail.com 0630 434 4091
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