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North Africa

No description

W Pulliam

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of North Africa

Tuareg- Islam and traditonal beliefs
Tamacheq is the native language
Mothers own all possetions and fathers are disiplenary figures
Marry close relatives like cousins
95% of diet consists of natural grains
Population: 1 million
Location- Sahara Desert & Sahelian Africa (Niger, Mali, Algeria, Libya, & Burkina Faso) Egypt- Republic
Morrocco- Constutional Monarchy
Algeria- Republic
Libya- Jamabiriya
Tunisia- Republic Government Would You Like to Visit This Are Today? I would like to visit North Africa. The Egyptian civilization tarted and ended here. All the anciet cities ,like Cairo and Memphis, and and the great pyramids of Giza cover the region. The Nile River also runs through here. The Sahara Desert also covers the area. This part of Africa is rich with culture. Morracco is a beatiful mountain country, bordering the Medditeranian, while Ehypt is an anciet civilization that dates back thousands of years. The diverse lifesytles make North Africa an ideal tourist destination for me. Yes, I thing that the majority of the goverment in North Afrca is affective. Rupublic is where the citizens can elect their leaders, which is the majority of the goverment in North Africa. The other forms of goverment, like constutional monarchy are not very effective. Jambiya is for the most part an outdated form of goverment, and is not very effective. Tradtional People Popular Culture Cairo has an amusment park and a water park.
There are high rise buildings and buetiful modern cities all over the region.
Morrocc has farry rides across the Medditeranian Sea to Spain for a day trip for tourists.
Physical Geography
Mostly dessert
Very top tip mountainous
some parts steppe North Africa
Presentated By:
Taylor & Marcus Landforms
Atlas Mountains
Sinai Peninsula
Sahara Desert
Lake Nasser
Libyan Desert
Nile River
Great Rift Valley
Northern tip of Africa
Morraco- border dispute with Saharian people
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