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transactional analysis

No description

neil uy

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of transactional analysis

Therapy - born 10 May 1910
- Montreal Canada
- died July 15, 1970
- Founder of Transactional Analysis Eric Berne -
Father of transactional Analysis a method for studying interactions between individuals Transactional Analysis Key idea - Ego States Historic Development Dr. Wilder Penfield - Neurosurgeon
- his experiment focused on the application of electrical
currents to specific regions of the brain
- if electrical current is apply to temporal lobe, it would
stimulate meaningful memories. Transactional Analysis was developed
as an Advancement of the ideas of Sigmund Freud PAC Ego Model Parent Ego State
Adult Ego State
Child Ego State Behaviors, thoughts, and feelings copied from parents or parent figures (Taught behavior from Parents) Parent Ego State Parent State is subdivided into 2:
Critical parent
This ego states is played out when
we adopt with other people our critical attitudes. (Why did you do that?.... What have I told you?..) Nurturing parent - this may be useful if you are talking to a five year old. (There, there it will be all right .... Do you want me to do this to you?). This maybe not useful if you are talking to a college at work Adult - rational state Child states Free Child and Adaptive Child Hey this is great.. Lets have some fun..
Don't be so boring... I hate you... Complementary Transaction - "appropriate and expected and follows the natural order of healthy human relationships." Ulterior Transaction- if the customer
adults hears, the response may be,
"Yes, you're right, considering the requirements
of my job." According to Dr. Mehrabian:
as we talk, the listener focuses on the following
1. Actual words - 7%
2. The way words are delivered - 38%
3. Facial expressions - 55% - human have the capacity to rise above habit patterns and to select new goals and behavior but we are influence by some social forces. View of Man Goal of Transactional Analysis The basic goal of transactional analysis is to help clients make new decisions about their current behavior and the direction of their lives.

Individuals learn to “write their own script” instead of being passively “scripted.

The essence of therapy is to substitute an autonomous lifestyle characterized by
awareness, spontaneity, and intimacy for a lifestyle characterized by manipulative game playing and a self-defeating lifescript. Techniques Stokes The need for stimulation and recognition Games Game is a transaction, which is considered the basic unit of communication, consists of an exchange of strokes between two or more people. Game is a transaction, which is considered the basic unit of communication, consists of an exchange of strokes between two or more people.

Prosecutor, Rescuer, Victim.

Prosecutor - Look for the flaw
Rescuer - "I am the only one trying to help you."
Victim - "Poor me" The counselor assists clients in discovering the disadvantageous conditions of the past under which they made certain early decisions, adopted life plans, and developed strategies in dealing with people that they might now wish to reconsider. Counselor’s function is to create a climate in which people can discover for themselves how the games they play are supporting chronic bad feelings and how they hold onto these feelings to support their lifescript and early decisions. Techniques Structural analysis is a tool by which a person becomes aware of the content and functioning of his or her Parent, Adult, and Child.

Script analysis is a part of the therapeutic process by which the life pattern that clients follow is identified.

Family modeling. The client becomes the director, producer, and actor.


Readiness of the client in questions about family traditions.

Crossed Transaction - the person
initiates a transaction, expecting a
certain response, does not get it.
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