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African American Athlete

Second project.

India Cross

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of African American Athlete

India Cross 12-4
Senior Class of 2010
New Media Technology Charter School The capability of the
African American Athlete
to use its body and mind. Essential # 1: What effects did the Maafa have on my family lineage and the trajectories of their lived experience? How have sports become a defining characteristic for the African American race?
What is the influence of the Black athlete among African American children? Driving Questions Does poverty have any relation with the African American demand for greatness? First I will disscuss what took place during the Maafa! What will my project present?

What the Maafa is.

How the Maafa initiated African American physical superiority.

Also, at topic is how the Black athlete affects African American children.

In conclusion I will give a brief description on how the Maafa affected my family lineage.
In transition I will give some facts on African Americans and their roles within sports. Now I will relate this information to the Maafa! How has this image affected African American children? Why is this? Facts: Relating this back to my family Lineage! Conclusion
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