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one direction book prezi

1d <3

Ashley Serra

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of one direction book prezi

1D: Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction The authors
One Direction. The genre of the book is
autobiography. The book is an autobiography because One Direction wrote it themselves and it is about their life. The book was
in 2011. The main characters are
Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson
and Liam Payne. In this book, you learn about the guys childhood expiriences, their journey through the British X-Factor, the rise to stardom in many countries and much more. It goes through all of the ups and downs of the One Direction guys. The story takes place in the USA and the UK from when they were children until 2011. "A great book that
1D fans will love"
-New York Times "A thrilling
A must have!"
-Los Angeles Times "A wonderful journey
through the lives of 1D"
-Stefenie Myer I would rate this book
5 out of 5 stars because it gave alot of information about One Direction and how they became stars. Zayn is shy, quiet, with brown eyes and black hair. Harry is funny, kind, with green eyes and brown hair. Liam is caring, nice,with hazel eyes and brown hair. Louis is outgoing, hilarious, with green eyes and brown hair. Niall is funny, friendly,
with blue eyes and blonde hair. My favorite One Direction member is Louis Tomlinson, He is very funny, nice and outgoing and a good singer. He is 18 years old in the book. The main conflict in the story is when they go through the British X-Factor. Originally they all auditioned as solo artists. They did not make it through so Nicole Schnigzer suggested that they make a group out of the five of them and compete as a group. Interesting Facts Nicknames:
Harry: Hazza
Zayn: DJ Malik
Liam: Daddy Directioner
Niall: Nialler
Louis: Boo Bear -Liam was born with one kidney.
-Niall is the only Irish one in the band.
-Louis real last name is Poulston.
-Harry is the youngest.
-Zayn's name means, beautiful. THE END
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