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Parts of a computer

No description

simon smith

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Parts of a computer

Parts of a computer
These are the most important parts of a computer.
This part of the computer holds temporary memory that can be easily and quickly accessed.
USB Port
A plug in station that connects devices to a computer and can transfer data.
The CPU is the part of the computer that does all the thinking. It handles all the tasks you give your computer. This is the most important part of the computer.
This part of the computer holds the important components of the computer. Such as the motherboard and the RAM.
The part of the computer that holds and transfers data. It is also reffered to as the hard drive.
A monitor displays what a computer is doing by showing it on its screen A monitor is an output device.
Heat sink is the part of the computer that gets rid of unwanted heat.
video card
A video card controls what appears on the monitor.
Case fan
A case fan is he part of the computer that cools components of the computer.

A peripheral is a device that puts input into the computer and works with it.
A PC is a mini computer meant for personal use.
power supply
The power supply is the system that converts electricity for the computer.
optical drive
This is a device in the computer that reads and writes info from a disk.
The motherboard is the part of the compter that key components are on and other boards can be mounted on it
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