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Morgan Le Fay

No description

Ben Goodwin

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay
Meet Morgan le Fay
Also known as
Morgan le Faye
Queen of the Faires
Lady of Avalon
Morgan Le Fay's Family Tree
a powerful sorceress in Arthurian legends
Lady Igraine
Uther Pendragon
Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall
King Arthur
King Urien of Gore
Born c.AD 473
Where did she live?
Castle of Tauroc
Castle Chariot in Avalon-Designed to pull in and trap travelers
Morgan's Loves
Battle of Camlann
She heals Arthur after he is wounded
Dog Boy and Wat
Kidnapped two of Sir Ector's servents
Held them hostage in her Castle Chariot
Young Kay, Arthur, and Robin Wood came to save them
Morgan had a quite a few love interests such as Guiomar, Urien, Sir Accolon and Lancelot
Married to King Urien
Guenever did not allow Guiomar to be with Morgan
Tales of Morgan Le Fay
Often portrayed as an evil witch but she is also a healer
Learned from Merlin and Christan Nunnery
Planned to steal Exalibur and the British Throne from Arthur
Arthur fought Accolon without his sword
Lady of the Lake helped him
Morgan le Fay threw Excalibur's scabbard into the nearest lake
Morgan le Fay Today
Harry Potter
DC Comics
Arthur went to fight in the Battle of Camlannagainst Mordred
How Did She Die?
She didn't, Morgan le Fay is said to have carried on living in Avalon forever

Lancelot and Morgan Le Fay
Morgan imprisoned Lancelot in order to gain his love
Morgan cast a spell over Lancelot while he was sleeping
She and three of fairy queens wanted him to take her as their mistress
Morgan Le Fay
By Ben Goodwin
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