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Vacation project

No description

kyle peffer

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Vacation project

Switzerland By: Kyle and Gabe cost would be 2310.80 CHF or 2483.67 dollars Airport Our users arrive at 5:00 so they have time to get all there stuff together. The plane leaves at 6:00 and they have 3 hour until they get to Denver. After Denver they fly to Philadelphia and then they fly to Zurich. Day 1 When they arrive in Zurich. They go to the car terminal to get there Avis standard 4 door car and drive to the Baur Au Lac hotel, check in and go to sleep. Thursday/5/December Day 2 car would be 896.00 CHF or 960.14 dollars suite would be 25,200 CHF or 27003.82 dollars The users would get to the breakfast place inside the hotel, at 9:15am. They have 30 minutes to eat, then they would head to the Museum of Design. They would arrive at 9:55 and the museum opens at 10. They would spend 2 hours in the museum. Around 12:10 they would be on their way to lunch, at Zeughauskeller Restaurant. They would be there for about an hour, then they would take about a 3 minute drive back to the hotel. Once our users get back to the hotel they would go swimming in the pool and just lounge around and rest. Day 3 Snowboarding! The users would leave the hotel at approximately 8:00am. They would arrive at Beckenried Ski Resort at 9:00am. They would get their gear on and have a fun day on the mountain! They would come into the lodge at noon, for a quick lunch, then go back out for more boarding! The day of snowboarding would come to an end at 4:00pm, which is when the mountain closes. The users would get back to the hotel around 5:15, they would unpack, and get some rest! (Sit back, relax, watch TV, go in the hot tub, etc.) Day 4 Finally, some rest! The users would be most likely exhausted! They would have all of Sunday to rest and linger around, pretty much just doing what they wanted to do!

(Pool, diner, TV, hot tub, etc. Day 6 Chocolate Factory! The users would leave the hotel at 10:45 to go to the Lindt & Sprungli Factory Shop. They would be spending about an hour there, then going to pick a destination for lunch. They would arrive at their restaurant around noon. The users would be at the restaurant for about 30-45 minutes, then head off to go see a movie around 1:30. The users would arrive at the Globus Mall at 1:45-2pm. They would go see a movie at 2:15, then go shopping until 6pm. The users would go back to the hotel to drop off the items that they have purchased at the mall. Then go out for dinner in the hotel that they are staying at. Day 7 Zurich-Frankfurt...8:10-9:25 Frankfurt-Denver...11:05am-1:15pm Denver-Spokane...7:30pm-8:54pm The whole thing would cost 30,447.63 Our user is a couple that want to go on a vacation. How might we make a vacation for them to go on?
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