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Salt Marsh food web

No description

Symone Stargell

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Salt Marsh food web

Coming to a End
As the energy continues to flow up the food web only 10% makes it to each organism.
90% of the energy is lost as heat in the atmosphere.
Tertiary Consumer
From eating the Sheepshead Minnow is the Otter .
Also eating the Blue crab is the Otter.
The top consumer is the Tertiary consumer which would be the Herring Gull.
The Herring Gull
Up and On
From the producer are the primary consumer.
The primary consumers that eat cord grass are the March Crab, Periwinkle Snail, and Diamondback Turtle.
These organisms live on the land .
Secondary Consumers
Secondary Consumers get their energy from eating primary consumers.
In the center of the food web is the Blue crab.
One reason is because the blue crab eats mostly the primary consumers.
Plant life
This food web starts from the producers
In this case it would be Smooth Cord Grass, Salt Hay, and Salt grass.
The producers get their energy from the sun.
Keep on Going
Eating the Periwinkle snail are the Blue Crab.
Also eating the Periwinkle snail is the Diamondback turtle .
The cord grass produces Detritus, which is eaten by the Grass Shrimp.
Energy Flow
The Blue crab eats the periwinkle and the Sheepshead Minnow.
The Sheepsead Minnow eats the grass shrimp.
The Diamondback turtle eats the blue crab.
The Herring Gull is at the top of the food web.
It eats the the sheepshead minnow, the Blue crab, and the Diamondback turtle.
The Herring Gull concludes the food web of the Florida Salt Marsh.
Salt Marsh food web
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