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History of Social Work in The Philippines

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on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of History of Social Work in The Philippines

History of Social Work in The Philippines
Laws Formulated
Customary Laws

-These laws were implemented by ancient Filipinos which is centered on mutual protection and economic survival among the people in the
February 5, 1915 – The American government created the Public Welfare
Board with the passage of Legislative Act No. 2510, essentially to coordinate the welfare activities of
various existing charitable organizations.
The American Period
1940 – The Office of the Commissioner of Health and Public Welfare was abolished and replaced by
a Department of Health and Public Assistance Service, which took over the activities that used to be
performed by the Associated Charities which, by then, had ceased to exist.

The Commonwealth Period
1965 – Republic Act 4373, “An Act to Regulate the Practice of Social Work and the Operation of Social
Work Agencies in the Philippines”
– The law requires completion of a Bachelor of Science in Social Work degree, one thousand hours of
supervised field practice, and the passing of a government board examination in social work for
licensing or registration as a social worker.
– It is the formal recognition of social work as a profession in the Philippines.
1924 – The Philippine Legislature passed a law (Philippine Legislative Act No. 3203) relating to the care and
custody of neglected and delinquent children and providing probation officers for them.
There are certain laws that were implemented during the Commonwealth Period

*Anti-usury Laws
*8-hour labor law; minimum wages
*Laws related to insurance, pensions, women and child labor

Ferdinand Marcos Administration
1968 - Marcos signed R.A. 5416 Social Welfare act elevating the Social Welfare Administration into a department in 1970's Martial Law.

R.A. 5416 (1968) empowers the Department to (1) set standards and policies; (2) accredit public
and private institutions and organizations; and (3) coordinate government efforts in social welfare
work to avoid duplication, friction and overlapping of responsibility in social services.
Corazaon Aquino Administration
1987 - Pres. Corazon Aquino signed Executive Order No. 123 reorganizing the MSSD and renaming it Department of Social Welfare and Development

"evolving from mere welfare or relief agency to the greater task of development"
1980-Early 2008
October 10, 1991 – R.A. 7160 Local Government
Code was passed. Implementing functions together
with its programs and services were devolved to its local government unit.

The Department, however
, retained its specialized social services consisting of four categories: (a) Center/institution-based
services; (b) community-based programs and services; (c) locally-funded and foreign-assisted
projects; and (d) disaster relief and rehabilitation augmentation.
Selected Social Legislations

A. Children
P.D. 603
(June 10 , 1975)
"The child and youth welfare code"
-the code defines "child" and "youth" and their
rights and
entitlements including services that should be provided for
their wholesome development

R.A 6972
(Sept 14, 1990)
Barangay-level total development and
protection of children act."
-An act establishing a Day Care Center in
every Barangay, instituting
a Total development and protection
of children program

R.A. 7610
Feb 7 1992
Special protection of children against child
abuse, exploitation and discrimination act.
an act providing for a stronger deterrence
and special protection against child abuse
exploitation and discrimination, providing penalties for its violation
R.A 7658
Nov 9 1993
-an act prohibiting the employment
of child below 15 yrs old or age in public and private

R.A. 8043
June 2 1995
Inter-country adoption act of 1995
an act establishing the rule to
government inter-country
adoption of Filipino children

R.A. 8044
June 2 1995
youth in nation-building act
an act creating the national youth
commission, establishing a national comprehensive
and coordinated program on youth development

E.O 340
Jan 22 1997
executive order directing national
government agencies and government-owned and controlled
corporations to provide day care services for their employees
children, under 5 yrs of age

R.A. 8552
Feb 25 1998
domestic adoption act of 1998
an act establishing the rules and
on the domestic adoption of Filipino

R.A. 8980
Dec 5 2000
The early childhood care and
development act (ECCD)
an act promulgating a comprehensive policy and a national system for early childhood care and development

R.A. 9231
Oct 14 2003 & Oct 13 2003)
an act providing for the elimination the worst form of child labor and affording stronger
protection for the working child, amending for this purpose R.a 7610, as amended, otherwise knows as the
special protection of children against
child abuse, exploitation and discrimination

R.A 9255
Jan 21 2004 & Feb 2004
an act allowing illegitimate children
to use the surname of their father,
for the purpose art 176 of E.O no. 209,
otherwise known as the "family
code of the Philippines"

R.A 9344
Mar 22 , 2005
"Juvenile justice and welfare act
of 2006"
an act establishing a comprehensive
juvenile justice and welfare system,
creating the juvenile justice and
welfare council under
the Department of Justice.

B. Women

R.a 6525
April 27 1989
an act strengthening the prohibition
on discrimination against women
with respect to terms and conditions of employment.

R.A. 6955
May 15, 1990
an act to declare unlawful the practice of
matching Filipino women for marriage to
foreign nationals on a mail-order
basis and other similar practices, including
the advertisement, publication, printing or
distribution of brouchers, fliers
and other propaganda materials.

R.A. 7192
Dec 11, 1992
women in nation-building act of 1992
an act promoting the integration of
as full and equal partners of men in
development and nation building.

R.A 7877
Feb 14, 1995
anti-sexual harassment act of 1995
an act declaring sexual harassment
unlawful in the employment,
education, or training environment

R.A. 8353
Sept 3, 1997
anti-rape law of 1997
an act expanding the definition
of the crime of rape, reclassifying
the same as a crime against persons,
amending R.A. 3815
(Revised Penal Code)

R.A. 8505
Feb 5, 1998
"Rape victims assistance and
protection act of 1998"
-an act providing assistance and
protections for rape victims, establishing
for the purpose a rape crisis center in every
province and city.

R.A. 9208
May 12, 2003
"Anti-trafficking in persons act of 2003"
-an act to institute policies to eliminate trafficking in persons especially women and children, establishing the necessary
institutional mechanism for the protection and support of trafficked persons, providing penalties for its violations
, and for other purposes.

R.A. 9262
Jan 29, 2004 & Feb 2, 2004
"Anti-violence against women and their children
act of 2004"
-an act defining violence against women and their children, providing for protective measures for victims, prescribing
penalties therefore, and for other purposes.

C. Older Persons/Persons with Disability

R.A 344
Feb 25 1983
"Accessibility Law"
-an act to enhance the mobility of disabled
persons by requiring certain buildings, institutions,
and public utilities to install facilities and
other devices.

R.A 7277
Jan 22, 1992
"Magna Carta of disabled persons"
-an act providing for the rehabilitation,
self-development and self-reliance
of disabled persons and their
integration into the mainstream
of society.

R.A. 7432
Feb 7, 1992
"Senior citizens act of 1992"
-an act to maximize the contribution
of senior citizens to nation-building,
grant benefits and special privileges,
and for other purposes

R.A. 7876
Jan 31 1995
-an act establishing a senior
citizens center in all cities
and municipalities of the Philippines

R.A. 9257
Dec 16, 2003
"Expanded senior citizens act of 2003"
-an act granting additional benefits and privileges to senior citizens amending for the known as " an act to maximize
the contribution of senior citizen to national-building" grants benefits and special privileges and for other purposes.

D. Family

Executive.Order 209
Aug 4, 1988
"Family code of the Philippines"
-the law revises provisions in the civil code of the ph pertaining to marriage and family relations to bring them closer
to filipino customs, values and ideals and reflect contemporary trends and conditions.

R.A. 8187
June 8 1996
-an act granting paternity leave of
seven (7) days with full pay to all married male employees in the private
and public sectors for the
first four (4) deliveries of the legitimate
spouse with whom he is cohabiting

R.A. 8369
Oct 28, 1997
"Family courts act of 1997"
-an act establishing family courts,
granting them exclusive original jurisdiction
over child and family cases, amending batas
Pambansa Bilang 129 (judiciary reorganization
act of 1980)

R.A. 8972
Nov 7, 2000
" Solo parents welfare act of 2000"
-an act providing for benefits and
privileges to solo parents and their
E. Health

R.A. 7875
Feb 7 199
-an act instituting a National Health Insurance Program for all Filipinos and
establishing the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation for the due process
R.A. 7883
Feb 20 1995
-an act granting benefits and
to accredited Barangay health
R.A. 8344
Aug 25, 1997
-an act penalizing the refused of
hospitals and medical clinics to
appropriate initial medical treatment
and support in emergency of serious
cases amending for the purpose Batas
Pambansa Blg. 702, otherwise known as
"An act Prohibiting the Demand of Deposits
of Advance Payments for the confinement
of Patients in Hospitals and Clinics in
certain cases.
R.A. 924
Oct 13 2003 & Oct 14 2003
-an act amending R.A. 7675 otherwise known
as "An act instituting a National Health
Insurance Program for all Filipinos and establishing the Philippine Health
Insurance corporation for the purpose:
F. Labor/Employment

P.D. 442
Nov 1 1974
"Labor code of the Philippines"
-an act which revises and consolidates all previous labor and social laws based on the principle of social justice
R.A. 7655
June 4 1993
-an act increasing the minimum
wage of housekeepers, amending
Article 143 of Presidential Decree
No. 442, as amended.

R.A. 7877
Feb 3 1995
-an act declaring sexual
harassment unlawful in the
employment, education or training environment.
R.A. 8042
June 5 1995
"Migrant Workers Benefits and Incentives Act of 1995"
-an act to institute the policies of overseas employment and establish a higher standard of protection and promotion of the welfare of migrant workers and their families and overseas
Filipino in distress
R.A 8282
April 30 1997
-an act further strengthening the Social
Security System, thereby amending R.A. 1161
(The Social Security Law) which provides
covered employees and their families
protection against hazards of disability,
sickness, old age, and death.
R.A 8291
May 29 1997
-an act amending Presidential Decree
No. 1146 as amended expanding
and increasing the coverage and benefits
of the Government Service Insurance
G. Others

R.A. 7160
Oct 10 1991
"The Local Government Code of 1991"
-an act that developed implementing functions and programs of national agencies to local governments including social welfare services that used to be administered by the Department of Social Welfare and Development

R.A. 8371
Oct 22 1997
"Indigenous People's Rights Act of 1997"
-an act to recognize, protect and promote the rights of indigenous cultural communities/indigenous peoples, creating a National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, establishing implementing mechanism and appropriate funds for the purpose
R.A. 8425
Dec 9 1997
"Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act of 1997"
-an act institutionalizing the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Program, creating for the purpose the National Anti-Poverty Commission and defining its powers and functions
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