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Bartolomeu Dias

No description

Connor Brown

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Bartolomeu Dias

Bartolomeu Dias
By:Connor Brown and Chloe Katz

The tip of South Africa
Claim Land of the great Christian king Prester John
Make it easier to travel to Asia
Where? and Why?
Challenges that my crew and I may face are harsh storms, Sea monsters, and Hunger. To counteract all of these I will need you my great king to supply me with a large sturdy ship.

O Glorious, amazing, fantastic, fair minded, awesome, kind hearted, intelligent, generous, wonderful, gracious, caring, well respected, jubilant, strong, perservering, virtuous, handsome and loving King John II of Portugal, please here me out.
I will leave in August, 1487
prepare for ten months,
bringing two armed caravels and one supply ship. round the coast of Africa, to the tip of southern Africa,
leaving from Portugal and staying a good distance from the coast, to not have lost my path.
How will I get there? How Will I Prepeare?
My Name is Bartolomeu Dias, and this is my pledge
Challenges that will be faced
Why would this be beneficial for you?

profit and enjoy the wonderful
spices from India,
due to the new and improved easy accessing we will provide,
we can chart new territory,
get rich and fame,
send other explorers without discomfort to the same area and, claim more territory for Portugal.

I guess the only question is...
Why wouldn't you do this?
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