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America's Empire


Briana Mattox

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of America's Empire

War of 1812 Monroe Doctrine Spanish-American War Rebellion in the Phillipines WW1 Germany Phillipines Panama Cuba Mexico America defeats Mexico in the Mexican American War. Great Britain France 1848 The "Maine" blew up Cuba and America blamed the Spanish. They declared war and defeated them in the Spanish-american War. 1898 Monroe declared war on the Monroe Doctrine that "no European countries can colonize or interfere with the Americas." 1823 At the end of the Spanish-American War, the United States took control of Cuba and the Phillipines. 1902 Great Britain Launches another invasion of America in the War of 1812, but eventually the two countries reach a truce. 1814 After German submarines keep sinking America's ships, America declares war on Germany and Ausria-Hungary and sends troops over to Europe to join Great Britain and France in winning WWI. 1918 Building of the Panama Canal Roosevelt announced that he wanted to build the Panama Canal. Panama agreed since he helped them gain independence from Columbia. Mexican-American War 1904 George Washington's adoption of a foreign policy of non- intervention. Washington declared a foreign-policy on non-intervention and refused to join sides between the French and the British. 1789 America's Empire North America South America Columbia
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