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ChargeHand Rigger

No description

Diego Ramirez

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of ChargeHand Rigger

Job Qualification
The qualification u need is Advanced Rigging/Scaffolding qualifications in JIGS or NVQs/ SVQs & extensive knowledge of the health and safety legislation and procedures relating to rigging. You will also need a full, EU driving license.
Job Description
Chargehands are responsible for managing a crew, or gang, of Riggers and making sure that rigs are constructed correctly and to deadline & Chargehand Riggers are also responsible ensuring that all the work carried out on their projects meets the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures.
They have to make sure that they meet strict health & safety standards.
They have to make sure that the work is completed on time.
ChargeHand Rigger
Salary and how to get the job
what they do?
ChargeHand Rigger
Diego Ramirez & Parash Patel
$17.27 per hour
Contact the appropriate union. Local union offices can be found in the Yellow Pages under "Labor Organizations"

Read more: Rigger Job Description, Career as a Rigger, Salary, Employment - Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job - StateUniversity.com http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/263/Rigger.html#ixzz47btH9E00
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