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Prezi Design - Cognitive Load Theory

This Prezi design was created by The Prezenter. Official Prezi experts, Prezi designers, and Prezi trainers - info@theprezenter.com

Russell Anderson-Williams

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Prezi Design - Cognitive Load Theory

#PreziTemplate @ThePrezenter
Talk to us now
It's time to present.
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So why isn't the audience engaging with you and your presentation like you hoped they would?
Presentation loaded.
Audience members arrived.
You're feeling confident.
It's because they have a lot on
their mind!
Help your audience focus a little more by taking the following steps....
Tell them how long the presentation will last.

Wondering when the presentation will be over gets in the way of them focusing on you.
Tell them when there will be breaks to grab refreshments.

If time permits then give them the opportunity to grab something before you start.
Let them know if there will be handouts at the end. That way they don't have to worry about taking lots of notes.
Get to the presentation before people arrive and check the temperature in the room.

A room that is too hot or cold can be a big distraction for your audience.
Is there any outside noise that could distract people?

If so do your best to close windows and block this out.
Launch your presentation and sit at the back of the room.

Check that all your content is visible for those who might sit in this same position.

Not being able to read content can be a huge annoyance for audience members.
Tell them how and when they can ask you questions about the presentation content.
There is a lot you can do to relieve your audiences
To find out more go to:

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