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New France - A Brief History

Grade 7 History

Jordana Polowin

on 25 October 2017

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Transcript of New France - A Brief History

New France:
A Royal Government

5 "W"s of New France
The King of France
Government of New France
Royal Government
Life in New France
The Church
The Seigneurial
Important because originally it had a good fur trade which the French relied on for the main source of their wealth.
Expanded their empire to North America
The French settled along the St. Lawrence while the English settled along the East Coast of what is now United States.
Beginning in 1663
To gain wealth and power from the fur Trade and farming.
Tension between the French and English
A Brief Overview of the History of New France
•When the French moved closer the St. Lawrence river and set up settlements in Quebec, because the fur trade was more lucrative there

Acadia still remained important because of its location.

Whoever controlled Acadia had the most power
because they could
easily ship
their fur and fish findings back to the “Old World”.
•This is why for 150 years the
French and English fought over Acadia
(Summary of pages 40-41)
Way of Life – Farming because the land was so fertile. Did

not use the seigneurial system

that was used in New France

– Acadians raised their own animals, planted their own crops and made their own clothes, furniture and tools
Social Life
- Little disease, no war as Acadians did not involve themselves. Church and and family were the main institutions
(Summary page 42-43)
The Seven Years War
The Fur Trade
Fishing and Logging
More men than women
established the
first permanent trading
post on the site of
Quebec City
in 1608.
Mostly men went over to New France to establish the colony. In order to keep the population growing in New France the King sent over and paid for
young orphaned girls
role it was to marry the men and have babies
. They were called "
Filles du roi"
When people arrived in New France they all wanted land along the water therefore the land was divided into long skinny strips all with land along the water. The King owned all the land. He gave it to seigneurs who would then divide it and give it to habitants to farm it.
represented the king in the colony; responsible for the defence of New France and for relations with the English and the Indians
Governor General

Responsible for the daily economic
affairs of the colony, trade, justice, finance, settlement and seigneurialism.
was in charge of the church which was responsible for the spiritual needs of the colony, its schools, charities, hospitals and for the conversion of the Natives.
The Bishop
First Intendant: Jean Talon
Tried to make New France less dependent on France
War in North America
A Three pronged Attack
"a great difference in the number of men (2,034) and women (1,181). This was because most of the explorers, soldiers, fur traders and settlers who had come to New France were men." (wikipedia)
Almost all the settlers in New France were
Roman Catholic
because they were the only ones who were allowed to immigrate to the New World. Thus the Church was very important.
was to
convert the Natives
. The Church
cared for the sick
. The Church was also in charge of
. In New France many women are more educated than men which is the opposite of France.
Also a
major income maker
for the people of New France.
Acadia included present-day Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and parts of New Brunswick and Quebec. (pg. 40)

French and English both wanted to have the monopoly on the fur trade.
•Both wanted to control the Atlantic Coast – Concentrated on Ile Royale (Cape Breton and Acadia). Important to have in order to control fishing industry – another lucrative business
The French needed a lot of space to make money so they built Louisburg. When the British saw that Louisburg was making money they wanted it too.
The British were deporting Acadians to New Orleans and the 13 colonies. Many died, many families were separated. This made the French weaker and gave the British more power.
Differences in French and English Fur Trade
1) French exploring further inland with Native guides while British waited for the Natives to bring them furs.
2) French were interested in colonizing while the English set up a company with many investors, Hudson’s Bay Company, who were only interested in getting money not colonization.
Reason 3
Reason 4
Bottom Line
They all wanted land because land = power
They all wanted money because money = power
They felt like there was not enough land, and money to share.
Hudson Bay
Lake Superior
Lake Ontario
Capture of Louisbourg
The British needed Louisbourg to gain access to the entrance of the St. Lawrence to sail down to attack Quebec.
Also Louisbourg was in a good location
Capture of Ohio Valley
There were many French fur forts there. The British needed them in order to reduce French influence and control in the area.
The Capture of Quebec City
This was the center of the French power. If the British captured Quebec City they would eliminate French control in North America.
General Wolfe = British
General Montcalm = French
In the END
The British planned a surprise attack on Quebec City. See page 104. French had to retreat to Montreal where eventually the British would arrive and take over therefore gaining complete control on North America.
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