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Maddy Watson

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Comparison

The Three Colonial Powers in North America Spain Spain colonized south-west of North America and western region of South America
(and Florida) The Spanish were very cruel to the Indians Came to the New World originally to spread Christianity
Main goal was to find riches and land, Western route to India France Main motive was to extend fur trade
Colonized in North (Canada)
Ohio, Missipi, Hudson Rivers and Great Lakes
Eventually lost colonial territories after war with English -Colonized in the North Friendship with Indians
-trading partners England Came for religious reasons, Spanish Armada, changes in English economy
Later came for gold and wealth
Created tobacco
Introduction of indentured servants -Uneasy friendship that ended in fights over land and war -Colonized east coast The End Encomiendas:
Spanish official in charge of village
Originally supposed to serve as guardians
Native labor Fur Trade The English who settled in Massachusets were artisans and merchants while settlers in Virginia mostly worked on the tobacco plantations
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