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Quicksand Science Report

No description

koben webster

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Quicksand Science Report

My Driving Question
My DQ is: How do different materials affect the viscosity of quicksand?

Quicksand Science Report
How It works?
It is a mixture of water, sand, mud, airiness stuff so if you put or hand in those mixtures at home your hand will probably sink and get stuck so imagine it in real life, the one that will actually suffocate you and kill you so that is dangerous. If you move your hand in the sand you make at home you will sink faster so just imagine in a big tub of it you will sink faster if you struggle you just need to be still and call for help. The more weight and pressure the more the quicksand won't want to hold your weight and you will just go down and disappear. You go down faster because if you struggle then both of the mixes will loosen from each other then you will fall through the middle of both and they will trap you under.
Can size and the weight of an object make a difference?
If you are really heavy then the possibilities are that you are going to sink a lot faster then if you were even struggling. If you are like a feather then you will probably not even attempt to sink but if you are medium and you struggle then you will probably sink a lot faster but if you stay still you will have time to do whatever you have to do to stay alive. The weight does affect the quicksands reaction because it is heavy but if you don’t struggle then the weight is less heavy in there.

What Quicksand is?
Quick Sand is sand and water put together and sometimes part air to put pressure, If you put force on quicksand then you will sink. You can find quicksand near lakes, rivers, river banks, beaches, low tides, dunes and deserts. It occurs when They can form from an earthquake when the groundwater pressure increases, that forces the water to the surface and that makes soil liquefaction. They both create a mixture that has a thickness soil that will suffocate you. It cannot support weight because it is like a liquified spongy thing.
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