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Newton's Third Law of Motion

Period 2: Rebecca Zahm, Amber Johnson, Deborah Anguiano

Rebecca Zahm Zahm

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Newton's Third Law of Motion

Let's start
the experiment! Just remember,
with EVERY action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Ever rode a skateboard? Just how common is
Newton's 3rd Law? Let's keep it simple What about objects at rest? Third Law It doesn't matter if the objects are at rest or not. What happens when you step off of it? It is used everyday by everyone When jumping, you push down on the ground.

As a result, the Earth pushes back and propels you upward. The force of one object exerted on another. Newton's Third Law of Motion It's simple For every reaction, There is an EQUAL, but OPPOSITE reaction But what exactly does that mean?
Let's take a closer look. According to Newton these forces will always act in equal but opposite pairs. Force Pairs Action Reaction *Remember*
These will be equal and opposite
of each other But do NOT cancel! From walking,
to jumping,
to flying,
and more... YOU Earth But Wait... The Earth doesn't
actually "push" back,
or does it? Actually, YES, it does! It's all
relativity! We can't see Earth push back when we jump because it's mass is so large. However, we CAN see the skateboard roll back. When sitting on a chair, there are two forces at work. Force of Chair Force of You Any
Questions? It's the LAW!
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