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Incubator Prezi

Presentation to UNC Search Committee and Community

Michael Lobsinger

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Incubator Prezi

Developing Companies
Focus the energy and resources of the incubator on developing and working with companies.
Manage as a Business
Manage the incubator as a business
The incubator IS a start-up
Should be a model for incubator clients
Minimize resources spent on overhead
Work towards a self-sustainable efficient operation
Adaptable Business Services
Develop sophisticated services
Adaptable to target needs of companies
Based on a staged development cycle
GrowthWheel, EVE Roadmap
Three Principles of Successful Business Incubation
UNC Business Incubator
Implementation Plan
Presented by:
Michael Lobsinger
What I will be covering:
About me
Three Principles of Successful Business Incubation
A Collaborative Effort from the Community
Implementation Plan
Time Line for Ramp-up
Revenue Overview
My Background
1996, Graduated from North Dakota State University, Mechanical Engineering
1996-2001, Senior Stress Analyst at the Boeing Company
2001-2003, Graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, MBA focus on Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
2002, Co-founder Float Tech, Inc, V.P. of Product Development
2007, Founded and Spun-off, InflatablePFD, LLC
2010, Joined the Lighting Cultivator (Linc), Director of Business Development and recently Acting Director.
2013, Senior Regional Outreach Contractor, Center for Economic Growth & New York State Energy Research & Development Authority
A Collaborative Effort from the Community
Implementation Plan
Define Implementation Committees
Facility Planning Committee

Outreach & Marketing Committee

Program Services Committee

Web/Technology Committee
Facility Design, Furniture, & Equipment
Tenant Agreement & Process
Incubator Branding
Develop outreach and marketing strategy
Develop outreach and marketing schedule
Coordinate Planning
Develop client engagement process/agreements
Align program services with GrowthWheel
Develop Mentor & Service Provider Network
Develop Collaboration/Integration Strategies
Software & Equipment Identification
Website Planning/Development/Launch
UNC Business Incubator
Implementation Plan

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