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Book Talk

No description

Chan JieMin

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Book Talk

Jack Canfield,Mark Victor Hansen,
Kimberly Kirberger
"detention can be fun" Chicken Soup for the
Teenage Soul Stories of Love,
Live and Learning "It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story."
A woman repeated abit of gossip about a neighbour.Within a few days the whole community knew about the story.The person it concerned was deeply hurt and offended.Later,the woman responsible for spreading the rumor learned that it was completely untrue.She was very sorry and went to a wise old sage to find out what she could do to repair the damage. Favourite story What happened next... Rating of book 4/5 "Go to the market place."he said."and purchase a chicken ,and have it killed.Then,on your way home,pluck its feathers and drop them one by one along the road."Although surprised by this advice,the woman did what she was told.
The next day the wise man said,"Now go and collect all those feathers you dropped yesterday and bring them back to me."
The woman followed the same road, but her dismay the wind had blown all the feathers away.After searching for hours,she returned with only three in her hand."You see," said the old sage,"it's easy to drop them,but it is impossible to get them back.So it is with gossip.It doesn't take much to spread a rumor,but once you do,you can never completely undo the wrong." The Gossiper "Eleven"
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