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Made by J. Pack at JWMS

Jessica Pack

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Capitalization

Standard: Capitalize, what? Practice Capitalization
Quickwrite: Objective: WOC.1.5 - Use correct capitalization Use correct capitalization when writing a comic as a group. What capitlization rules do you already know? Think carefully and brainstorm as many capitalization rules as possible. Be prepared to share. BrainPop Spiral Notes The word "I" Names Titles of People Companies Monuments Initials of People Organizations National Parks Languages Brand Name Products Holidays Proper Noun Directions Days of the Week Titles of Books/Movies Acronyms Months What should you capitalize? White Boards Collaborate: Write a Comic as a group using all of the capitalization rules at least once, either in the dialogue or the pictures/scenery of your comic. J.K. Rowling
Author of "Harry Potter"

Dr. Howard Mrs. Potato-Head Smith Apple Nike McDonald's French South America North Dakota Arches
Park Taj
Mahal Mount Rushmore Eiffel
Tower Lincoln Memorial Christmas The National Library Association Palm Springs Art Museum
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