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Stats and Probability Game

No description

dan lin

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Stats and Probability Game

1. The median shoe size of eight
12-year-old boys is 6.
What might the shoe sizes be?
4. The probability of choosing a girl's name from the class list is 2/3. If there are 36 students in the class, how many girls are there?
Stats and Probability

A restaurant display case has the following tea bag selections and number of bags available for each kind.

Black Tea 15
Cinnamon 10
Green Tea 15
Lemon 4
Raspberry 6
What is the probability that a tea bag randomly selected from the case will be cinnamon or Black Tea? Express as a fraction in simplest form and percent
Consider the list of golf scores:
71, 68, 72, 79, 80, 77, 84, 70, 92
What is the median, mean and range for the set?
5. A herd of 12 cows has a mass of 4560 kg. What is the mean mass of the cows?
A 432 kg cow is added to the herd, what is the new mean mass of the cows?
6. Write 7 different numbers with a mean
and mode of 40.
7. A brown paper bag has 3 red, 4 blue, and 5 green smarties.
What is the probability of randomly selecting a blue smartie.
Express as a fraction and percent
8. A student has the following test scores:
88%, 78%, 85%, and 86%

What does the student need to score on his
next test to have a mean of 86%?
9. A student has the following test scores:

88%, 78%, 85%, and 86%

What is the highest mean mark the student
can achieve from writing another test?
Round to the nearest tenth of a percent.
10. In Yuki's kitchen, there are three kinds of bread: white, whole wheat, and pumpernickel. There are three kinds of jam: blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry. Yuki's sister gave her a piece of bread with jam.
a) Use a tree diagram to show all the possible combinations.
b) What is the probability that Yuki had pumpernickel bread with strawberry jam?

In a set of 18 numbers, the mean of the first twelve numbers
is 9, and the mean of the last six numbers is 12. What is the
mean of the entire set of numbers?
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