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Ocean Engineer

No description

Starrlet Boyd

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Ocean Engineer

Ocean Engineer
Starr Boyd

Job Description, Work Tasks and Necessary Skills and Abilities
Education and Training Required
Job Description

Ocean engineers use a combination of electrical, civil, mechanical and general engineering feilds to help them work with oceanographers, marine biologists to make new tools to help with researching projects. The tools can be used to figure out the seafloor formation and measure earthquake activity or study tides. Ocean engineers can work with teams or independently. They have to be able to work in severe weathers so if they have to they can..
Work Tasks
They are responsible to make tools and devices that can stand salt water and stay in the sea for a long period of time, they will also have to fix any damages that happens.
Necessary Skills and abilities
Ocean Engineers begin with earning a bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline, the bachelors degree would give an overview of the ocean environment and teach them methods of research such as analysis, construction and operation of the systems.
Colleges and Degrees
To be an Ocean Engineer you have to have a bachelor's degree in engineering, some schools that have Ocean Engineering are...
-University Of Florida
-Florida Atlantic University
-University Of New Hampshire
-Oregon State University
-University Of Rhode Island
-Northcentral University
-Texas A&M University
Low- $37,190
Average- $67,292
Median- $65,000
High- $130,000

Job Outlook
9-17% in 2010-2020
Why this career does /doesn't appeal to me
I don't like this job because I don't like doing research or math I want to be a photographer...
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