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Attilio Labis

No description

David Garcia Giraldo

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Attilio Labis

Teacher and Dancer Attilio Labis CHILDHOOD Attilio was born 1936 in France. He began his training of dancing in " Opera de Paris" when he was nine years old and he went up in ranks at school. In 1952 he was accepted in the "corps de opera " but in 1958 he had to join the army MILITARY LIFE Attilio went to a military service in 1958 and came back successfully with a reserved role on a play with just a week of training . ETOILE The word ETOILE means principal dancer a word that many people used to label Attilio in one of its dances because he was the etoile in the Opera house Ballet from 1960 to 1972 TEACHERS LIFE After working on the opera house ballet he is now teacher of this same company. TV AND MOVIES Labis was on many tv shows, also in movies
L Age en fleur
Le spectre de la danse
les cahiers retrouves de nina vyroubova
ETC CONCLUSION In conclusion Attilio Labis was a dancer and a teacher of the opera house ballet. Also other conclusion is that he was a young dancer with a successful future THANK YOU
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